Zane and Kopaka Connection

They’re both robots fighters control ice have personality and have a team of other elemental characters also in a group with a female water warrior both have silver gold and white
If any other sililaries let me know
@carumsarene acually yes i am but not here i thought that belonged in hf and Not yet

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Well, I think that if you move past the fact thaqt they both control the element of Ice there are few similarities. I think that most of what you said would apply for all toa and ninja similarities.


Pfft, I don’t see a similarity. What’s next? Are we gonna compare Kopaka and Zane to Stormer?

@Toa_of_red_pins ah okay


I don’t really see a similarity.

Your argument basically is: they’re both white and have Ice powers. I guess that Kai is similar to Tahu and Furno and Nya is similar to Gali.


Sure they’re similar. But does it matter in any way? Nope.

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I found another connection

Seeing as how we’re comparing them by ice powers.


This is silly.

If anything

Zane has more in common with Matoro. since he was a martyr and all

and even then

that’s superficial

just as superficial as the similarities you brought up


But Zane is alive and Matoro isn’t.

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Actually, Zane’s pretty sure he’s just a clone

and that the OG did in fact die on that day


Zane’s only part of his past life is his memory. That memory shaped his personality. He’s the person Zane was when he grew up thinking he was human, but still a Nindroid. Zane is just a clone.

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@CarumSarene She’s not a robot also I’ve never seen frozen

@Omega_Tahu Zane is the only robot though

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True, but that’s purely a coincidental, and it’s still not that strong of a connection. If lego wanted they could’ve made a much stronger connection, like personality traits, and fears.

If Lego wanted them connected they would be already. Plus white with silver or gold Is a good color scheme for ice. This sounds like you think they’re the same character.


Honestly, Zane’s more like Matoro; they both were martyrs, had proficiencies in intelligence (Matoro was a scholar, after all.), and take up the category of loner (TBH, I recall that both their characters happened to enjoy working with their respective teams, but I know Zane did more than I did Matoro). Aside from that, there’re no similarities after that.
Zane and Kopaka, however? Those are two absolutely different characters. It’s like comparing Luke Skywalker to Link; being protagonists of the same concept doesn’t make the characters nigh-similar.
(Oh, and LEGO tends to reuse story elements all the time. Keep that in mind ;))


Edit: you mentioned having personality. Yes, because every character in both Ninjago and Bionicle have no personality except the OG ice-elementals. Yep, Lewa’s dull as a rock, and Jay just runs around and fights.


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It’s been 9 years

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##9 years is too soon.


Robots with personality