Zaria the last Toa of Iron (canon contest)

Here is my entry for Zaria the last Toa of Iron.

He is armed with a chain sickle, Tekko Kagi, and an iron dagger. He bears the Kanohi Pakari the great mask of strength for iron will never break while he lives.

Here are the required dissassembly pics:

Well there was what I hope will become the official Toa of Iron. Let me know what you think about it in your comments!


Even as an amateur MOCist myself, a basic Inika build with some CCBS limbs is not going to cut it for the contest. Try adding some variety to the bare bones torso, like seen in Gresh, Strakk, and Skrall, and at least attempt to make some custom limbs. You can also make a custom torso not TOO complex, but one you’ll actually find in a set, such as Kiina.

Why not, lol? It’s pretty ok-looking.

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I mean, if you want to do it just for the sake of entering, then go right ahead, no one’s stopping you. I was just saying that he needs to step up his game a bit to have a shot at winning, that’s all.

You’re right. The standards for winning a contest are pretty high, and it would be unfair to pretend like they aren’t. I just hope that this doesn’t demotivate anyone from putting themselves out there. People will still see and very much appreciate what you build.

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