Zeks Nu

Life, can I finally upload this MOC? I can? Thank you…

Poster’s note: Please read the description below the pictures. Thank you.

This is a table scraps MOC I made for the Zeksfdadnfhjdh community project…that I just found out has been closed down… GREAT! NOW WHAT DO I DO WITH THIS MOC!?! So because of that, this is no longer for Zeksfdadnfhjdh communtiy project…

Well I’m still proud of the build, so I might as well post it. Seriously, I am proud of how this turned out…despite it being somewhat of a mess. It honestly reminds me of a video game boss. I mean jeez, the Mask of fire-as-armor pieces look like weak points that a boss reveals on certain intervals.

Also the tail with the rib cages is something I have always wanted to try…even though it has articulation issues.

There is only one glaring issue: The MOC is a pain in the neck to pose.

And I was going to give this creature a backstory. The backstory is that he is a gigantic, rainbow colored beast of legend.

I have no idea what I am going to do with this MOC. I put some time and effort into it, so obviously I had to post it. I don’t know whether or not I am going to scrap it or improve it when I get more parts.

If this topic gets insta-closed, I’ll probably just have it deleted and post the MOC somewhere else. The reason why I posted it here anyways is because this is really the only place where I get true critique and constructive criticism.


This is too cool to be a tablescrap


This is the best Zeks I’ve seen.


This is pretty groovy. Despite the random colors.

Since it’s for the project of absolute messes, I don’t think an actual review will help that much.

What I can say is trans-rainbow does not mix well with red.


I have no words to describe this.
Other than that this is the king of all Fajitas.

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While true, to be fair: that was really all I had to work with.

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I like this. I actually like the look of all the trans colors together. It’s like a big, super-elaborate neon sign.

I never got to post my Zeks Theta either, and it was done, too ;-;

all things considered, it’s not that bad

good work

Good! It looks catlike and I like it.

This is what the Zeks topic was meant to be. Good, but extremely weird MOCs.
Nice work.

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Interesting, but the center of the torso could be filled out more. Also, why was the zeksfdadnfhjdh project closed?

I believe it got out of hand from what I briefly read.


can t
can th
can thi
can this
can this b
can this be
can this be t
can this be th
can this be the
can this be the m
can this be the mo
can this be the moc…
but really this moc is great

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It got REALLY out of hand, real quick.


Better than the original.

Technicolor vomit.

The head is kinda interesting.

That head design I’ll surely steal…

It did…instead of people being original and creative, they were just messy.


I got to say this is very colorful.
Love the colors.