Zephyr, my Matoran Self MoC

He’s a Su-Matoran. He’s also a lawyer if you get the joke. Zephyr has a really simple build but I think he looks good. He also dawns a tattered toilet paper cloak, lol.

Constructive criticism is always appreciated! :grinning:




Might want to fix your…



Looks like some of those photos aren’t uploading correctly. Would love to see them though!

Looks nice. I like it.

That cape is one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen on a moc…


Looks pretty good! I love the cape and the visor-type thing over his eye!

Reminds me of the 2003 Matoran.

Great idea on the eyepiece. didn’t know the hole in that mask could be used like that.

The neck looks a bit weird though.

I know, right? Although I do have to replace it every once in a while.

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YES! I always love matoran MOCs, and this is no exception! The colo(u)r scheme is perfect. Nice use of the paper towel.

OK, now that they are uploaded I can give my thoughts.

I dig it.

That’s pretty much it.

Looks like he discovered your supply of toilet paper.