Zerak Toa of water (V2)

I thought it was time for a new look for this toa, his old build was a little lack luster, so i gave him a new body and weapon selection, the results are done and i think i really like him, some people will find the body to thick and the limbs to skinny, but i find his proportions are okay and have an aquatic feel to them, like he is a lanky looking swimmer.


Well with even all the gubbins thrown onto his body he’s still really an inika build, and he visually clashes with the other two toa you have.
And i got to ask, why put red pins on the shield? or why is there red on the spear too.

He looks really skinny in places. You should probably try to bulk him up in other places.

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i tried making his shield into a pair of flippers, I at least tried to, and that’s brown on the spear. I admit that I am running low on good pieces and note that I’m not quit done with my toa until I get them just right, but there always room for improvements!

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