Zerins, the Elder

An old, wise member of a dying race, Zarins is known as a wise being around those who live near him. He is asked for advice once in awhile, and that advice is usually perfect! Other than that, very little is known about him!

Essentially, I tried to make a MOC that wasn’t humanoid, and I like the results! :smile:

Now, onto the MOC!

With his (optional) “stick” (large axle! :stuck_out_tongue:)

The face

His back

Side view

“Listen again, to our tale of the Bionicle!”

Size comparison with Tum- wait! Where did he get that?!
<img src="/uploads/db5640/original/3X/f/2/f2e44007f7adf3fe35206db90cc39f495965628c.jpeg" width=“375” height="500>
Also, this is why I asked you about the colors, @Venom, this is why I asked you about the color scheme! :smile:


I love the way you used Hewkii Mahri’s mask. The only gripe I have is the lower torso and waist, it doesn’t flow as well with the upper body.


I honestly agree! :smile:


I like the shape and the face, but the pictures are a little too zoomed in for me to see much.

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I added a full body shot! :smile:

Was this grand creation inspired by general Grievous by any chance?

Either way i like it!

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The head is just mesmerizing, really fishy-looking. The rest of the build is fun and consistent, not too complicated. You definitely succeeded in making a non human MOC, however I believe you could go even further with the non human features.

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No, actually! I attempted to make something far from human, but still bipedal. I think it ended pretty well! :smile:

@RaggedClaws Thanks! I wanted to retain an alien look, but still making it bipedal! :smile:

##The pictures in the topic are going through some revisions- who would you like his height compared to?


For a second there i thought that i was looking at someones grandpa that jumped into a vat of toxic waste.

seriously great moc


Tahu, Lewa, and Gali.

Also I just realized i have not said this MOC is groovy yet. This MOC is groovy man.

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New background color?

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-something else

[/? [poll ]
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Well unless your posting a white MOC, I would say white. And never red. but a shade of blue could work.

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Major changes have been made to the images of the post! :smile:

I’d personally like to see general Greivous as the comparison, not only to see a height difference, but i also wanted to see build differences as well!
If you don’t have the set it’s fine, Skull grinder would also suffice for a height comparison.

Happy MOCing!

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Actually, I do have that set built! :smile:

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