Zhuva the mask maker and his masks

This is zhuva at his design desk

This is the desk

And now this is zhuva with the masks he's made

First is the mask of sensory, the first mask i made in a while

Then a decorative mask made to look like a gundam

Then an inika looking mask of paralysis

Then an armored mask for battle

Then the g2 vahi,mask of time


Side note: the masks were posted in the order that they were made,
these were made months ago,
The yellow mask was made years ago to show progression,
There is a camera on the computer,
All the masks can all be worn, the mask of sensory has a bit of trouble being put on tho.
Enjoy :smile:


What are the masks made of?


Just some plain old gold clay

@Joe, I think this is the trigger word that summons you, right?


One of many, yes.

These all look pretty good, great for just being made out of clay. I'm especially a fan of the Armored Mask.

Also, I can't help but ask, @Torma, is your avatar Kamen Rider Decade? :stuck_out_tongue:

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The desk and masks look great! :smiley:

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I love all the custom masks!

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"Custom masks? Gee, maybe I should make one!"

Howdeed i do?


This is very creative. I like it.

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Thank you all for the comments

@Joe yes it is indeed
@Xing1870 i saw that video while i was making the masks and noped out of that one


Dang you got skill!

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Is that a PRO GENJI

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Only the most pro genji there is! :wink: