Ziek, The Matoran of Sonics

Thank the Lord! Finally you get to see one of my newer-ish works! (By that I mean built about a month prior to this post)

Well, I don't have really a backstory to this MOC sadly, but he is still a pretty nice character to have in my storyline (My OLD Storyline, involving Sentann (ahem, reasons of WHY he isn't my Self-MOC anymore))

Anyway, enough talking, let's get to the MOC!


Noice :grin:

pretty cool, not gonna lie

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I was wondering what the balljoints on the back were for, then I saw the wings.

Really good job covering it up. My only complaint would be the lack of cover up on the forearms. Other than that it's fantastic :smile:

I really love the build on this! :smile:

Awesome Moc, man! :grin:

The trans arms complement the eyes really well! But it could use a bit more trans on the legs

I love the torso, good job Saxton! :smile:

He's got swag.

I have no words to describe the sheer beauty and incredible execution of this MOC. Nicely done!

The detail is just amazing here!

Great job, the angles in the torso are top notch!

That torso build is.... A thing of beauty

Sheer greatness! You, my friend, are a awesome MOCer!

@Helryx Thanx m8!

@Nogus1 I'm flattered!

@Stoax Thanks!

@PekekoaOfJungle Thank you Pekekekekekekekekoa!

@Rockho It does need a bit more transparent, I agree, but I wanted an energized look on the upper portion and a basic matoran look on the legs and midsection.

Thanx m8!

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It's great to see that you are aware of the '@' feature. But please remember that you can edit your posts by clicking the pencil icon. This may help too. Cheers :smile:


Yeesh, Saxton, y u no read rules? I feel like I'm the only person who read the rules when they joined. :laughing:


This MOC is very well done!

Congrats on the front page. 👍🏻

XD lol

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Very solid.