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Here are some recent projects/moc practices that I have done recently. They were spurred by a contest @Alieraah is doing on Instagram. Simply doing one creature didn't seem appealing to me, so it turned into more of a challenge for me to try out something different. This has been the result so far.

A group picture of all them.

The first one I built was the dragon toad. It and the frilled lizard are my favorite so far.

The next one was the Marrow Butterfly.

The next one was the Frilled Lizard. You can probably guess that the ispiration for this one was the Marhi hewkii mask.

The last one is a little alien in a tank. This one was the fastest build, but it still looks good.

Thank you all for checking this out. Comments and critique are welcome.


Saw all tgese on flickr, I love the lizard

These look really good, the dragon toad design is creative but my favorite is probably the frilled lizard
Overall great job

They all look great! My favorites are the Frilled Lizard and the Marrow Butterfly. Great colors and shaping on the lizard and awesome use of parts on the butterfly, but the toad and alien are also very impressive.

These look great.

That first one is weird looking, but I love them.

@Asriel Thank You! It's my favorite as well.

@1000Purse30 Thanks! Same here.

@Rocka99 Thanks!

@Zero Thank You!

@Invader Thanks!


Dragon Toad looks really good. I think you balanced the orange and blue very well. I like this design, it gave me a toad/frog feel before I knew he was called Dragon Toad.

The Marrow Butterfly looks pretty great. Again, the colour scheme is great. I especially love how you used the open axel ends to your advantage. This guy actually looks very creepy, probably because I'm terrified of every insect.

Frilled Lizard is definitely my favourite of these four. The colour scheme is amazing, as always. The build is great and the mask is genius. Only thing I don't like is the grey pieces used as part of the claws but of course you need them so not a big deal.

The Alien looks pretty cool. Not much to say here but definitely cool.

I absolutely love when people, are able to make small creating like this that still look really good, these are no exception. I r8 8/8.

Love the uniqueness of each creature.

As others have mentioned, the uniqueness of each creature is awesome.

Also, lots of NPU on all of these.

All of these are phenomenal, particularly the Marrow Butterfly and the Frilled Lizard. Both make a great use of Krikas blades and the Garai respectively.

@Power.Mocs Thanks for the comment! I could probably cut a black lightsaber blade, but that's unnecessary.

@BBricks Thank you!

@AdamusTheFirst Thanks! It's no fun to build the same thing over and over again.

@ReeseEH Thank you!

@Stoax Thanks!

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oh ma gawd, they all look so good!

I like the frilled lizard. I like how it uses the Garai. That cader armor looks a bit weird with the blue on it..

The toad is just so creative.

These are all great. My only complaint is that ill never have one :sob:

I love it! All of it!

@Somerandomguy Thank you!

@Blue_Robots I agree about the color. Someone mentioned that it looked somewhat like scales.

@Leoxander Thanks! He was fun to build.

@RogueToa I can post instructions on one if you want.

@Zekester Thank you!

I wish but I don't have all the pieces