Zoids Discussion

After a quick search of the boards, I found that there is not a Zoids topic, so now there is.
I wonder is this because it’s not very popular anymore, (I mean why would giant fighting robotic animals not be) or is it an unkown topic?
Here in the UK, it was only shown during the late 90’s/ early 00’s at around 7am GMT, and at that, the show never seemed to be shown in order. Also the toy line was quite difficult to get hold of ( in Scotland anyway), and now the model kits are extortionate ranging from £40 to well over £200 for some of the HMM versions.
Basically, here is a place to share memories of Zoids or to find out more about them.
And now, a quick poll,
Enjoy :+1:
Do you like Zoids?

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Cri every time /s

I voted yes so meh.

This is one of those things I’ve wanted to get into but haven’t gotten around to trying.