Today, a remake of Zoombinis Logical Journey for iPad and Android tablets was released, followed by Mac, Windows and Kindle Fire (That counts as a computer?) versions later this year. [Go to http://www.zoombinis.com/#game for more details.] And I am happy to know that the game can now be enjoyed by a new generation of kids.

When I was younger, I loved this game. Memorable music, Unique art-style, and wacky characters, what's not to love?

Favorite part of the game: The Pizza Trolls!

Anyone else remember those little guys? No? Just me?

I don't like being by myself.

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What is?

i had a version of this game growing up


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I remember this game!!
I used ta think it was kind of scary with the opening, but it was really fun!
I maybe finished it altogether twice.
And now it's on the Fire?!
Off I go!!

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No, Macs and Kindle Fires are not computers.