Zorglonn - Alien Scientist

Here is a super simple MOC I threw together last night when I was working on another idea. This guy just sort of popped in my head and intercepted the other thing I was working on. Does that ever happen to you guys?


Well, the MOC definitely looks the part.

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Kinda simple, but for it simplicity it ends up looking really good! The only bothersome thing is the gauntlet thingy, it looks a bit gappy from above.

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How did you attack the Rahkshi staff so close too the armor?


Shnazzy. Reminds me of my Skull Shaman MOC.

I like it! Very reminiscent of G1's Mutran and Vican... perhaps they will be confirmed for next year? Wishful thinking...

I like the choice of using a skull spider as a face, something about the bulbous forehead just works with the whole mad scientist vibe.

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Definitely. It happened just yesterday, in fact.

Not hard at all. The key parts you'll need are the 2mm rigid hoses from BL. They're super cheap, come in lots of different sizes, and are super sturdy. I bought about 10 or so of the long ones, then cut them into useful sizes with scissors. You wouldn't even believe how useful they are. Here's a pic:

@stoax Thanks! But of course they're for faces. They have perfect clasps on them for being masks. They look much more like faces than they do spiders, IMO. That one skull villain even has a silver one as his face.


This is really clever, I especially like the arm-blade.

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Sort of like Leader from Marvel


The moc looks great. I really like the look of him

Also, do the head and the claws glow in the dark, because they seem to have that sort of color

More then I can I count about half my Mocs started out this way.
Any ways nice moc really looks like a scientist and it looks like an alien so good job you got skills to pay bills


Thanks man. That's a great compliment.

@BioKnight I don't think they do, but I will check tonight.

The MOC looks very simple, but it pulls it off nicely. But the use of the Star Wars armour piece is very creative!

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I got to say this looks great even though it's simple.
Pulls off the alien vibe nicely.