ZXC - 9_Volt's Choose Your Own Adventure Comic

How this will work: Reply to command the character, and I will choose a random reply to be used. Your command can be any action.
Command Examples:
-Pick up (object)
-Stab (object/person/self)
They don’t have to be phrased like this. As long as I can understand what you mean in your command it can be used. Sometimes two commands by different users will both be used if they don’t contradict.
Anything put in [brackets] will not be part of the command. Each reply mUST have a command in it though, to keep the comic moving.

You are this man, and you are in a white cube-shaped room. In your corner of the room is a gray rectangular outline on the wall. The walls, floor, and ceiling are made out of a hard surface.

In the opposite corner is a metal cone, along with a circular, square, and triangular hole. There is nothing on the ceiling.

What do you do?

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Put the cone in the circular hole

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Walk towards the cone

@Sushiyoda You walk over to the metal cone. It has ridges in it that spiral to the bottom of the cone.

@Ninjanicktf You put the cone in the hole, and notice a blue spiral on the bottom of it. There is a clicking noise.

A hole opens in the ceiling and a knife falls out onto the floor.

What do you do?


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Once the knife has hit the ground, you grab the knife

@Sushiyoda you pick up the knife. It has a wooden handle and a shiny metal blade.

What do you do?

You stick the knife handle into the circular hole

@HaliTheMaskMaker You stick the knife into the circular hole, but nothing happens.

What do you do?

You stick the knife into the square hole

@Sushiyoda You stick the knife into the square hole, but nothing happens.

What do you do?

Insert the knife slowly into your face.

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Walk to the gray rectangular outline and try to cut it with the knife, either by slicing the contour or stabbing the rectangle.

And then insert the knife slowly into your face.

You stab the center of the spiral with the knife.

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I second this.

@Sushiyoda @Ninjanicktf You stab the spiral on the cone with the knife. Nothing happens.

@PekekoaOfJungle Don’t do it! You have so little to live for!

@Ragdoll You begin to slice the contour of the rectangle, and find that it gives away easily.

After fully cutting the contour the rectangle falls off the wall and reveals a small area! And in this area is…

You inserted the knife slowly into your face. Your Darwin Award will be arriving shortly.

You find yourself in a large blue room, with a mysterious person in it who looks at you.

What do you do?


Ask him who he is and what you’re doing here.

Steal their clothes.

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Ask him if he’ll slowly insert a knife into his face with you.

Slowly insert the knife into their face.

Tell them “لم أكن أتوقع أن أراك هنا”