Hello im Celestialinfinite678 as shown as my username, Im a fan of Bionicle because its an interesting franchise that ever excited. My other favorite franchises are HALO, Transformers, Marvel, DC, MLP(yes im a Brony), and Ben 10 if its consider as a franchise.

I am a Mexican in from U.S. im a weird person but its fine, also let putting this here to say i have a learning disability had it since i was born and didn't know about till 2014 on December I am 21 now on 2016, im don't intelligence but i know a few things of what has to be happen and all.

But i am some what imaginative enough to build my own MOCs thats pretty much what i know how to do than stuff in life, when i build new MOCs, give it a name and backstory if i can think of a good one to putting her, him or it into a new universe a story of my own just like what LEGO did with Bionicle. The thing that Bionicle caught my little mind was the personalities, elements, powers and color schemes of the characters of Bionicle and from my favorite franchises.

Anyone can make up a story you just have to believe in yourself and/or get inspired by something just don't steal someone else's ideas because you'll show to people and yourself that your not creative.

Anyways thats something alittle about myself so bye!:smiley: