Greetings all whom have stumbled into my little neck of the woods.

As far as you know, my name is Philbert, just Philbert, and this is the first sort of board I've ever been on excluding the ones in my house, and that dock down by the lake, so I'm decently new here at the time of typing this out. I'm a MOC maker in his teen years whom has just recently regained the spark of inspiration to try MOCing again, and so far I'm very glad I have since I haven't enjoyed BIONICLE MOCing in years up til now. Right now I am just trying to improve my building skills since I'm still not the most experienced, though I'm not inexperienced thankfully.

A few quick facts about me are;
I enjoy MOCing (of course).
My most preferred colors are green and teal.
My first BIONICLEs were Gali and Lewa Mata.
My favorite BIONICLE villains are the Piraka, and favorite heroes are the Toa Mahri.
and I'm a bit of an oddball at times with occasional dry humor.

If there's anything else about me then I can't remember it, which might be a problem.

I'm always looking to improve my MOCing skills, and meet some nifty people along the way that can help me out, or just become decent friends with, because who doesn't like having friends you'll only meet on random message boards?

Anyway, definitely hoping to meet some interesting people through MOC making, and looking forward to many interesting encounters and experiences.