A young man with a passion for wolves and a straight wolf furry, I have been a fan of BIONICLE almost since the beginning through reading the comics and owning Maku the McToran via the Happy Meal promo. (I lost the disk, though. :disappointed:) My first actual set was Gahlok, and though it was not submitted, I made my own Rahi from that set for the purposes of the Rahi contest. (It still wouldn’t have beaten the Tahtorok.)

Favorite BIONICLE G1 set that I own: Hard to say. I am a bit torn between Matoro Mahri (RIP) and Toa Inuiri. (I got three for my ninth birthday!) Matoro Mahri’s parts, however, have proven useful in a few of my MOCs.

Favorite BIONICLE G1 Set(s) Ever: The Rahkshi from 2003. Along with introducing bending limbs, they were just plain cool. Rahkshi Rock!

Favorite BIONICLE G1 Combo Model: The Kardas Dragon. Seriously, it’s a dragon, and the largest BIONICLE G1 canon combo model, if not the largest model, ever.

Favorite BIONICLE G1 Wave: Stars - I bought all 6 sets to build the Golden BIONICLE. (Yes, I was a little disappointed by the scope of the wave as well, but it’s the only wave of which I can claim complete ownership.)

Favorite TTV team member ever: Eljay. I really enjoyed his Recap and Recent Reviews and was hoping for more Pins and Axles episodes before learning of his going on his way. :disappointed:

Favorite current TTV team member: Ven. I hope he likes the MOCs I will post.

Favorite BIONICLE G2 Set that I own: Lava Beast. The rotating waist is very useful in MOCcing and just plain cool.

Favorite BIONICLE G2 Set ever: Most likely to be the Kopaka and Melum Unity Pack. You get two figures in one set, and again, rotating waist! Take that, Ekimu Mask Maker vs Skull Grinder! XD

Favorite BIONICLE G2 Combo Model: JTO Makuta. That guy was bad-a.

Favorite BIONICLE Rahi: Kavanika. Wolves are just plain cool. :wolf:

Favorite current LEGO Theme: LEGO Minecraft. I have the game and enjoy building and playing with the sets.

Favorite LEGO Theme ever: Though I will always hold a special place in my heart for LEGO Jackstone, LEGO ZNAP is my favorite because it’s so…well, unique. :wink:

Favorite LEGO Set that I Own: The Galaxy Trekkor from the 80’s. It’s a classic.

Favorite LEGO Set Ever: Hard to pick a favorite, but I had always wanted the 2003(?) rendition of the TECHNIC Backhoe… But that ZNAP Ant really takes the cake.