Hello! I'm sebjbow.

I am a LEGO/BIONICLE collecter/builder, video game player, and a hardcore Star Wars fan.

I got my first LEGO set when I was 3 (no duplo, only the hard stuff 😛) I've been a fan ever since.

I got into BIONICLE back in 2006, when i was five. My first set was Keetongu (my parents thought it was a good idea to give a titan to a five year old) Sadly the old Keet has since been destroyed. I continued to collect until 2010, when it ended. Because it wasng around, it kind of just left my life. There were times where I stumbled upon them and built a bit, but it was gone.

A month ago, I saw TTV in my related videos on youtube. I began building BIONICLE Mocs again. You guys changed my life. Thank you so much.