Another moc…here it is…

OPSD-1: Off Planet Service Drone 1. He has a welder below his left hand. Cuz.

He actually uses a zamor clip as his torso. Well, he has one in his torso. The head was probably the thing that took the longest on this guy:

Sure, it’s simple, but getting the design took some time to figure out.
Here’s a picture of it from the back.

And now a close up of the torso:

So, what do you think?


Pretty odd.

I was goin’ for an outlandish look.

Its build is pretty random, is it an upright droid on a wheel? and its head isn’t good, Its also very difficult to tell what are its eyes are, are they the gears? are they the holes in the helmet, its fingers also break the color scheme.

Nice pink iPad case tho.

potato camera confirmed

anyways, why is this so thin and lacking legs?

also, the arms are terribad, and overall, this looks kinda like a joke.

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The lack of legs is because it has a wheel. Yeah.

you mean the tiny as heck caster wheel just randomly slapped onto the bottom as a way to not make legs??


Look…if you just wanna talk trash about my build, keep it to yourself. I based it off of a moc I made a while ago, ok?!

That was uncalled for; he’s right. If the idea was that it has a wheel instead of legs use a bigger wheel so we can see it. Though personally I would have phrased that complaint differently but I understand what he means.

As for my thoughts; it’s interesting. I like the zamor clip as a torso “shell” though some parts (like the head and wheel) could have been better.


ok, lemmie break this down:


The head (looks unique)

idea for a zamor ribcage


The entire lower half of the torso. it looks really slapdash and kinda lazy.

The arms- the throwbot arm plus the CCBS joint really doesn’t work here.

the torso, and how overly-skinny it is.

the awkward posing

the random bit of keetorange in the torso. I know those CCBS bones come in that color as well.

The hands

and to me, the lower wheel does look like a tacked on caster wheel.

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Looks odd but I kinda like it


I don’t know what to say about it, other than that it’s… weird.
Interesting, but weird.

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Honestly, I like it. It’s not perfect by any means (please re-do the arms), but I think it works better than some others seem to.

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It’s really spindly.

Kind of messy, but I like what you’re going for. Nice work!

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Great moc. I love how you used a zamor holder for the torso!