1/144 HGBD GM III Beam Master Photoshoot

Well, my first package arrived today! I made a mistake; I thought this was gonna be the Zaku. Well, I can happily say that it was still a pleasant surprise!

Beam Master was fun to build, and he has a ton of weapons and extra armor to customize it.
So here we go…

Assault rifle and beam saber
Assault Rifle
More assault rifle!
Dual beam sabers. I’m really happy that it came with two, it makes for some really cool poses.
Neutral pose.
More dual Beam Saber action!
Darth Vader-ish pose… That is, if Darth Vader were bright orange.
I also do love this heavy cannon. It has a couple of different grips, which also make for fun posing.
It can combine with those neat sword things to make a larger weapon, which is also cool.
The cannon can switch barrels, both of which are stored.
I dunno, some sort of menacing pose?
Firing Missiles!
This is what I call the second configuration, with a different head and shoulder vents.
A closer look. I also do like this head, it kinda reminds me of a transformer.
Ahsoka, is that you in there?
I keep pulling these Jedi-like poses. Wrong theme!
I still love the classic AR, though. Very nice looking.
Last Jedi pose, I promise.
An action pose, I guess.
Action pose
Stronk arms

Well, that’s all for today!
I have two more kits coming between now and January 25th, so look out for a few lot more photography topics.
See ya.

wouldn’t wanna be ya


Fun fact: this kit is somewhat florescent when put under a blue led.

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