#1: Kaj, Toa of Earth (Toa Project)

I am LOVING the purple Huna and the fact that the bow is actually functional. The torso needs some work however.


Hafu should hopefully be released later today. He has a lot of painted parts so it’s taken a while to finish.
As for the following two sets: I’ve made good progress. Just need their masks delivered, which might end up taking another week (curse you overseas shipping). I also need to paint more parts for one of them, which will take at least a day.

Once again great work! I too like to keep Mocs simple so that they can fit in with the real sets. I’m not really digging the hood tho, do you have any shots without it?

I didn’t take any but I’ll post one of him without the hood when I repost the team with their improvements. I don’t know if it’s just because I’ve got used to him wearing it but he looks bald without it. Is there anything about it specifically that you don’t like? Since it’s my self-MOC, I thought it fit the original theme I was going for well.

Thanks for the comments on the other Toa by the way :slight_smile:

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Nice! I don’t know I think it just looks out of place to me, maybe if there were more cloth somewhere else on the figure it would flow better. That or it makes it look more custom rather than a Lego set.

I’ll admit, I wouldn’t be so inclined to add a hood if this wasn’t also my self-moc. I’d say I wouldn’t add it otherwise, however the next two Toa to be released have similar additions. As a group, it doesn’t look as out of place, though as a set I can understand this. The general consensus here is that the hood works with the set so I’m inclined to keep it as it is.

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Have to say I agree with @ToaTupac. The hood looks good, but it needs to be “part of” some other garment, like a cloak. He’d look much better with a big black cloak, no?

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I’ll consider giving him some short cape, however the gearbox and weapon storage parts will make it a bit difficult to implement (and vice versa).
Thanks for the comments. I’ll toy around with it once I’m done posting all six Toa.

Ahh, true there. Maybe a scarf?

Interesting idea. I’ll give that a try too. Maybe a cloak and a scarf.
I love your MOCs by the way :slight_smile:

Aww bless ya

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I love the bow.

Purple is my #1 favorite color, and the Noble Huna is my favorite mask! Beautiful.