1000toys 1/12 TOA heavy industries Synthetic Human --photoshoot--

This figure is the most amazing thing i’ve ever owned

I mean even his eyes are articulated udiwefhsiefuiidsf

he is the most perfect man in existence


Did you make this guy from scratch or is there some kind of standard framework underneath that you modeled over?

I didn’t make him

Here’s some more pictures:

as always, C&C on the photography and posing would be appreciated


if they ever make a female version i’ll pick it up.

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yes that’d be sick

That Halo Magnum tho…


“I guess this isn’t so ba-”

Sees it without the face mask


No but seriously, this is fantastic photography. I wish I could have a white background like that. Everything looks crystal clear, and the lighting is flawless.


Yo thanks cronk

it’s just a big sheet of cardboard-ish paper

(i have both a white and a black one)
also i have natural light with that window so it helps


YO i was experimenting with some more weapons so here’s more:


Another dimensional rift pulled Halo weapons into your photo shoot I see?


They’re the only guns i have that are the right size

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He looks like the guy from I, Robot.

The pictures are pretty good though.

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Sorry for the necropost - your gallery is just way too cool. :slight_smile:
I’ve recently purchased my very own Synthetic Human and I want to get some scale weapons for him. The swords and Halo weapons you’ve used with him actually work very well with Nihei’s futuristic cyberpunk style of SH, so I would like to buy my own. Can you please provide more info on the pieces you’ve used? like the packs they come from or something like that?

Heya, unfortunately ghosty’s long since gone. You’d probably be better off looking somewhere else for those questions.

I don’t know about the packs, but the scale is 1/12. So if you find 1/12 weapons, those’ll work.