1990's Culture and Entertainment

I’m going to completely rip off @MiraculousPrime’s 2000’s Culture and Entertainment topic! Discuss cool things from the 90’s here!

I’ll start out by saying that the 90’s was a great decade for movies. Some personal favorites include Galaxy Quest, the first two Toy Story movies, The Iron Giant, The Matrix, The Prince of Egypt, The Mask of Zorro, The Truman Show, Dark City…and that’s just movies from 1998 and '99.

Too keep this a bit more balanced, I’m not too crazy about a lot of popular music from the 90’s. IMO, Nirvana was the final nail in the coffin of rock music, at least as far as stuff that gets played on the radio goes. There have been plenty of good “niche” bands since, but not many that achieved widespread popularity. This was also the decade when rock-derived pop became very generic–in the early 80’s, there was a reasonable amount of experimentation because of the New Wave movement, but MTV and other factors largely killed that by the early 90’s. So because of all that, mainstream rock and pop have been stagnant since the 90’s.

Lastly, the 90’s were cool because they were the high point of Star Trek, at least in terms of popularity and the amount of content produced.

I was born in '99, so I don’t remember the culture. However, I have looked into some of the movies you have mentioned.


I hear and remember hearing… the ninties being odd and down-trodden for some areas, specifically comics and games, maybe some others… Sure MMPR, Obscure Video Game cartoons, some good games and movies and a few other spotlights were appearant, but other then that, it was a rough and weird year

Oh gosh, now you got me thinking of the Super Mario Super Show and that Legend of Zelda cartoon…


Thanks @John_Smith. I wasn’t even born in the 90’s, so I have no association with the decade.


Captain N the Game master? Super fighting robot Megaman(wink wink @Risebell wink wink) ?

Also I remember Toonami, and the emergence of Anime as some high points


Do not DARE to say that name anywhere on this board. >:O

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Oh wait, how about those streetfighter and Darkstalkers cartoons? pfffttt

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Where am I? lol

The 90’s were cool, or at least the stuff from them. I have a friend that was born in 99’ and he would always say he was a 90’s kid. He’s not…

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I was born in 1994 and I’m not really a 90’s kid. XD

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Well it gave us this.

So it wasn’t all bad.


You’re bordering on it… :smile:

@Marendex_T17, Revenge of isis?


I mean, I was 5 in 1999. I can remember a few things from 98 and 99 (like the incredible amount of hype around Titanic and The Phantom Menace), but most of my childhood was in the 2000’s.

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It’s IRIS you fool! Can you not read!? /s/s/s


It’s spelled “Iris” with an “r” (though I personally push the “Irys” spelling whenever I can), though I can see the confusion.

I know, it was a joke :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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…So was mine.
I was merely clearing it up for those who might get the spelling wrong.

Ok, all cards on the table, I wasn’t sure whether or not it was a joke. So I replied to it in both ways, hoping one would be right.

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Something I probably should’ve pointed out in the first post is that the 90’s were a great time for science fiction–there were a lot of well-made, though-provoking, and character-driven sci-fi movies (The Matrix, The Fifth Element, Dark City, Twelve Monkeys, Total Recall, Men in Black, The Thirteenth Floor) and tv shows (the Star Trek spinoffs, the X-Files, Babylon 5, Stargate, Farscape, Quantum Leap). Some of those shows continued into the 2000s (Ok, Farscape was almost entirely in the 2000s), but the majority of the new movies and shows that came out were much more focused on action and visuals in lieu of interesting characters, plots, and concepts.

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I like to call this decade the rise of the fighting game.

Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, MAHVEL BAYBEE, that Jojo fighter on PS1, etc.

RIP In Peace Semisonic.

Most of my exp with this decade was anime that were from the days of Toonami that I watched later on, and Beast Wars.

Always Beast Wars. Keep in mind I was born in 97. #notevena90skidandhappywithit