2-hour 2006 Fan Film "Bionicle Ignition: Island of Doom"

Here’s a feature length stop motion film I had worked on much of last year:

This year I plan to make a sequel to this film that tells the 2007 story, so any advice is welcome!


yeah I saw this, was pretty fantastic

Its okay but it feels like some of the points a rehashed from the original film
Like the Toa finding their powers overtime (but that is somewhat of a staple) but having Hewki gain his Mask power just when he needs to have an advantage of shooting is just the Vakama plot point.
Also Vastus Mask made into Karzahnis Mask is just horrible since you can see the vines coming out of it

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Pretty decent, considering all the work you must have put in. I’m curious how much dialogue comes from official sources, because the Piraka lines were gold and I quote enjoyed them, and if you wrote them all yourself well done!

This was really entertaining to watch.
Can’t wait for the next one.

Congrats. Thats a good video

I like how ambitious this is/was. And I do like the result.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t miss a major mistake in the video. Jaller and company form the Toa INIKA (Spelled: I-N-I-K-A), and the Mask of Life is the Kanohi IGNIKA (Spelled: I-G-N-I-K-A). This video calls them both IGNIKA.


cool make sure elhek survives some how in 2007 movie he is my favorite barracki


This is pretty detailed; the story accuracy is also pretty close to on-point. As a stop-motion filmmaker myself, I definitely appreciate the amount of effort that goes into something like this.

Taking a few more " in-between" shots would help the film seem a bit more realistic, and if I were you I would give the characters, especially the Piraka, more prominent eyes. Regardless of how you do it, it will go a long way toward realism.

YES YOU ARE MY MAN! EHLEK FOR LIFE! (I would love to voice act him, but I have no idea how) I finished the movie, very good and inspiring, I just wish they actually would have shown Irnakk. Other than that, I’m pretty sure you got every ‘06 set in it, so that’s pretty awesome. I like the Matoran with the Surge helmet.

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