20 years older, Kasai, Guardian of Fire (self-MOC)

This is the currently unfinished version of my self-MOC’s newest form. After my current YouTube series, Chronicles of Darkness, which stars young Kasai and his team. I will be making a new series which will feature Kasai’s older form.

He’s unfinished in the sense that I made him little cape pieces out of the silver plastic from the 2017 Shore Trooper skirt frame, and I want to give him Cyberhand’s G2 Prototype Hau to better connect with young Kasai’s 2015 Hau.

Here’s a comparison of young and old Kasai:

Front shot:

Back shot:

While young Kasai only had two swords for weapons, old Kasai has far more.

His wrist mounted blaster:

His wrist mounted blade:

His new swords:

His energy rifle:

Comments and criticisms welcome.


Very cool. Much better than anything I could make. One criticism I have is the little specks of blue all around really break up the color scheme and just seem out of place. If you could turn them all red, I think it would make it look much better.

The blue is an important part of the color scheme, he’s always had it. Though younger Kasai’s blue was more subtle.

This is quite well done. I like the small blue touches too. I also feel like I would like to see more people do this, with the release of LOGAN with old man Logan, and the new season of Samurai Jack with old man Jack.T’would be nice to see more peoples interpretations of their MOCs ‘in the future’.

Hell I might do one myself!

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My friend @ThatchMac gave me the idea for this, but I do feel like he was inspired by Logan when he came up with the idea. And thank you.

I’d love to see that. I personally love your current self-MOC.

Also, Shadowgear made his older version of Shadow recently, so that was part of my inspiration for him holding all his weapons on his person.

I don’t think I have the right parts to fully repeat my guy, but I could just make the current one older

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I love the techy knightly look these guys have. Kusai could use some coverage in his armpit area

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I agree, but I can’t quite figure out how to do so with the design as is.

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Nice MOC. I like the idea behind this.

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Thank you.

Looks pretty great. I especially like the Knights Kingdoms armor pieces.


Really digging this! Well done.

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I don’t really have any complaints. Both MOCs look pretty good to me. But I will say that I feel the older version could use some more blue. I just feel the current blue is a little too scarce on that MOC.

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Thank you.

Thanks bud.

Thank you. When you say “older version” are you referring to the older, young Kasai, or the newer, old Kasai?

The newer, old Kasai.