2007 Story Cuts?

So according to the trivia there were major cuts to the 2007 story, does anybody know what they were? I think they might’ve been cut because it probably made the story too dark? I mean 2007 was dark enough with Voya and Mahri Nui being destroyed and Matoro’s sacrifice and other stuff, but what was removed?


I do have to ask, how would the Hydruka have made 2007 darker?

The reason they were removed were due to budget cuts. That’s all.


The Hydruka are animals and they did have a bad attitude so they could’ve attacked the Matoran and hurt them pretty badly. Like they did have the giant fangs and zamor launchers for tails. But I’m still wondering what they did cut.

Hydruka were domesticated by the Mahritoran to harvest airweed. They’re not about to go around attacking them.

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They cut the Hydruka and an entire book, as far as I am aware.


All I know about story cuts is the book that got cut due to budget. Sadly, Greg lost it when he got a new computer, otherwise it would have been released online.

Maybe the Mask of Life could’ve made them go crazy. As for the book I think I might’ve heard about it before

Looking through the revision history, that trivia point was added in 2012 without any source cited. I’ve never, ever, heard anything about 2007 “story cuts.” I’m not infallible of course, but I feel pretty confident in guessing somebody heard about the cancelled 2007 book and assumed the lack of Hydruka in the story was connected somehow. It’s possible Greg even said as much on BZP at some point, but that’s just a complete guess. It’s worth noting that Greg always emphasized that the book was supposed to be about the Inika descending through the Cord to Mahri Nui - there wouldn’t have been much reason for Hydruka to be in there unless the book was also going to have some sections back underwater. That’s possible, but I don’t remember Greg ever mentioning it.


Weren’t the Hydruka in City of the Lost? I mean Thulox, anyways…

I doubt there would have been much impact with Morak included; they were kind of just animals really. They existed primarily as sets and world building elements. Chances are they wouldn’t have been developed much further had there been another book.

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I believe the cut book everyone is thinking of is the one that was supposed to chronicle the Inika’s journey through the Cord, which would’ve been between the 2006 and 2007 stories. The events of that book–such as their battles with the Zyglak and an instance where Teridax takes over Matoro’s body (while he was using his aides to explore)–are still canon.

I don’t recall reading anything about the Hydrika being cut, and they do appear a couple of times in City of the Lost. Perhaps their role was once larger, explaining why they got sets instead of other Matoran characters…

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“Keep Calm and Harvest it ALL”

Though i feel this concept could work, effectively having domesticated animals turn against them would be interesting to explore. The Hydruka always had this somewhat sinister vibe to them due to the design, as shown by Vrahno;


I wonder if they were going to release 2 more Matoran/Hydruka of the ice and earth element, because we only got 4 small sets representing stone, air, water, and fire…:grimacing: Even the Karzahni pack only gave us two more small water and fire guys.

I would’ve been okay with 12 small sets; a full 6 Matoran and 6 Hydruka because I love their builds :stuck_out_tongue: I think i’ve seen people actually make mocs of 'em…