2015 and 2016 revamps

Not all of the 2015 sets had great colour schemes. I decided to do some color swaps and some minor revamps. Some of my sets wound up losing parts due to MOCcing, too...

Anyway, first up is Tahu:

  1. Removed all the stupid silver, gave him gold, red, and trans-orange.
  2. I have no clue where his swords went.

Next up: Narmoto!

  1. Gave him red and silver

Kopaka and Izotor have not survived MOCcing.

Next up: Kivoda.
Mods: gave him all the dark azure.

Then we have Gali!

  1. Gave her all the trans tones
  2. swapped her axe pieces with Lewa's
  3. took off the shoulders for MOCcing.
  4. Modded here weapons 'cause I was bored.

Next up: Nilkuu
He pretty much got what was left over. Meh.

Pohatu, though, I like.

  1. removed the pin sticking out on his boomerangs.
  2. gave him all burnt orange.
  3. swapped out the spikes for gold.

Next up: my two favorites of the bunch, Onua and Korgot
Here, I removed the purple and made him just black and gold. I like this one.


Behold, a Korgot that really looks female without being overse--

Next up: Vizuna, the Protector of Mac n' cheese.

Not a fan of this one. Too many different greens, and unfortunately there's nothing I can do about it since those pieces only exist in the worst possible colors.

Lewa has been heavily devastated by MOCcing. May his eyes haunt you for eternity...

That's all for 2015. What about 2016?

I got bored while watching GMM one day and decided to make a better Ketar that
A: could sting
B: didn't have arms growing out of his sides
C: wasn't floppy
D: used all the pieces of the original (and only those pieces).

Okay, so it still has the world's stupidest colour scheme and a kinda ugly torso, but that's the best I could do with the parts I had.
(on the other had, LEGO has all the parts in the world. THEY should've been able to do better)

Also, I made a shadow Chomper for no other reason than it looked cute.

(you can't see it, but it's held together by the Stone-trap's legs.)



Well the Tahu revamp is good but the rest are.... meh
oh Mac'n'Cheese is good too!

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You and I have some very different opinions on cute. Regardless, I gotta say it looks pretty neat.

These are some alright revamps. Not really a fan of them.


Interesting, for me Tahu is the one who look weird, I think the his arms are to thin for him. The others look good though

These are very cool!