2015 Kaita

This is my proposal for the 2015 Toa Kaita, I used the pieces included in bionicle 2015 sets, I now their color seems akward but what do you think?


Well, they certainly haven’t skipped leg-day…


Did you use two Onua’s?


Yes, yes I did

Doesn’t that go against the whole “Kaita” idea?


But the idea of the kaita was to combine three different Toa into one…


It may, but I got two Onuas accidentaly so I thought: “Gotta make somethin´ outta it”

BTW they have gear functions in their arms

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These Kaita, are rather, strange.
The legs seem awkwardly built, one uses two of the same Toa to add on to it, of which is not how the Kaita are supposed to work.
Gear function is cool I guess as it hearkens back to the original ones.


I don’t like them, because you seem to have used more parts than what comes with the sets. Even worse, you used parts from Kopaka Gali Lewa on Akamai, and parts from Tahu Pohatu Onua on Wairuha. But, you know, they are still built well, and I love it when swords come out of a character’s forearms.

5.6/10 :confused:


I was planning to do smoother versions of them so don´t worry, I just need a couple of hours

Might want to check out these for inspiration:

Just for ideas, don’t copy him. :smile:


Well, thanks I had already cheked those out but I think some ideas of these can be rescued

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Don’t take this the wrong way, but they look terrible.

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Ok, it’s just that they look like a Transformer that was transformed wrong. :smile:

*horribly wrong

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They look cluttered and use pieces from other sets, but they look huge and powerful!


But, oh gosh, those knees

Also, they don’t have a chest. They just have cluttered armor. Try arranging them in a way that makes it look like a single piece.

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Gah. I gotta be honest with you.

Not all of this is bad, in fact the shoulders up are fine in my opinion. But once you go down the shoulders things get weird.
I think these things try too hard to be like the old kaitas with the interlocking limbs and feet and whatnot.
Though what you did is very good in that regard, it doesn’t end up looking that good.

But these aren’t terrible at all; I’m sorry. You must feel like you’re being buffeted by criticism right now.


Neat little MOCs. but the fact that you used parts that were not from the sets. is kinda…eehhhh…

I am indifferent.

Too bulky,but I likeit