2015 Lewa as Master Chief

Not much to say, I suppose, except for the fact that my phone’s camera sucks.

So yeah. I made this build for Master Chief quite a while ago, but I originally used Pohatu, 'cause he fit better character-wise, but I think Lewa fits better appearance-wise, his mask, and of course his colours, 'cause Chief is green.

The gun is only about 30% my build, it’s heavilly inspired by this one.

Here is the inside of his torso, if you’re interested how it’s all attached.

And, Gali guest starring as Cortana!

So, yeah. Thoughts on the MOC? Thoughts on my terrible camera?


It’s really cool.

But now you should make Kelly, or not…

No Cortana.


In all seriousness this is pretty cool. I especially like the gun.

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I’d love to, EVA is my favourite helmet, but I can’t figure out what to do for the EVA helmet.

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Hmm, you don’t have access to a 2007/2008 mask insert piece do you?

Because that would probably be the best…

Wett this appears to be the wrong color, but other than that cool.

If your phone managed to turn green into lime, then WOAH.

Well, of course it’s not the right colour, I used Lewa’s colours. :smile:

Yeah, it’s pretty bad…


The gun’s the best part personally.

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This is pretty funny!

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Now it’s just like the real thing.

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I… I understand

Very nice MOC by the way.

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Looking alright!

@PekekoaOfJungle try the brain attack visors or something? The Mahri visors? Both of those might work for the EVA helmet… loosely

Hm, Brain Attack Visors and Mahri visors might work better for the Rouge helmet.

The EVA helmet is round.

for whatever reason, feel like the green mask would work better

if only we had a green mask that was gold in the center (no not trans green)

also that AR is great


I really wanted to have the gold so he could have the visor colour.

Thanks, but it’s mostly not my design. I suck at making Bionicle guns.

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nice work!

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Cool gun! Are you going to enter this into Ven’s contest?

yeah I inferred that

also gali as cortana is funny

Very creative idea, the placement of the armor pulls the look of the MK VI pretty well.