2015 Moc: Protector of Gold?

So guys, I am looking forward to getting all of the Bionicle sets, but for now I am stuck with my small CCBS collection. But I managed to throw this Protector together. And I am quite happy with the end result.

Unfortunately my small collection didn't allow me to have a second silver hand. frowning

Here's an action pose, almost like charching towards a couple of Skull Spiders.

His back is kinda, covered up, not too much, but okay.

His build is very similar to the one used on the Protector of Earth.

I used some system pieces for the head, and it turned out pretty good.

So let me know your thoughts about my Moc, tips are Always welcome!


An awesome use of Ccbs! It shows why I love Ccbs cool builds don't have to take tons of technic and other pieces!


eh..seams abit bulky. Also seems similar to my design of kyoryu except the head's better and you decided not to use metru matoran limbs as connections. Overall looks more steampunk. I question the claw but then again lack of parts.

BTW here's the Kyoryu moc if you wanted to see similarities/differences...

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I am definitely going to change that claw A.S.A.P.

Luckily I believe all 2015 Toa come with 2 silver hands, and I might swap the Kakama for the new golden Kakama.


Really I think the claw looks cool like some sort of alien gun blade that could be switched out for other accessories like using one of the pieces on his chest as a shield or two light saber blades as lasers... But hey that's just me.

Except Kopaka and Onua, who have trans light blue and black respectively.

I like how this looks like a new BIONICLE with no Bionicle parts but the Mask.

Though you didn't use alot of pieces, this moc turned out fantastic! Great work!

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Thanks guys,

@Willess12, Thanks for the info! I wasn't too sure, I knew some of the Toa didn't have silver hands, but not which, but now I do know, Thanks! smile

@toxicmocs thanks, man I'm pretty happy with how it turned out too! I thought my collection of CCBS would prevent me from making something cool.

Do this. This is a great MOC, and this would make it better.

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That's an interesting head, I like the use of the round one stud trans yellow-green pieces for the eyes instead of the typical brain stock.

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A few things.

1: Not even a placeholder for the very nice revolving launcher.
2: Dear goodness please fix that back. HF sets couldn't use it, this doesn't use it much better. There are plenty of parts that look good there.
3: Upper legs are a bit stubby, in my thoughts.

Overall it looks nice for a basic CCBS MOC, but could use work.

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It's still better than most of the Protector's backs.

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Actually I own two Protectors.

No, it's really not =P