2015 Pohatu: Basic Revamp

Nothing really special, probably my simplest MOC in months.

And then the power of photo editing.


If you had the leg armor piece that Jango Fett uses, I feel it would be better than the Knight’s Kingdom armor. Otherwise, nice (albeit minor) revamp!


Wow… the knight’s kingdom leg armor really adds a lot to this. I don’t know why. Also the last photo is AMAZING! Nice job with the photo editing.

Nice photography.

Knight armor style doesn’t quite go, but it looks really good.

I thought about that, but I imagine it would have taken away from the original shape of him. I adore the cartoonish builds to the 2015 toa.
Thanks for the feedback!

Too much gunmetal, IMO. Overall, though, It’s pretty good.


so he has too much gun metal even though only the boomerangs are gunmetal

No. Most of his armor is Gunmetal.

this is amusing

Um Sammy…

…The only Gunmetal is on the Boomerangs. The rest is HF Silver…

But yeah, though this is simple, I like it. The Knights armor is very unique and oddly fitting, and the HF Shield in the back works amazingly well. I wish you could make that one arm have burnt orange fingers, but I don’t think they exist. :frowning:

Overall, a solid revamp. 9/10. :slight_smile:

Edited title before Legomaster - Slime


Looks gunmetal to me… Maybe my computer’s brightness is too low. Either way, I don’t really like it all too much.

Well, it’s the same color as the 2015 piston add-ons. And we know that those have not been made in Gunmetal. Hence, It must be silver. :stuck_out_tongue:

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