2015 Toa Kaita - Akamai Master of Valor and Wairuha Master of Wisdom

Yesterday I finally recieved all six G2 Toa, so I decided to recreate the Toa Kaita from '01 with a more solid, modernized look but still taking inspiration from the originals, such as the weapons, or the Onua claws on Akamai's chest.
Overall I am quite happy with how they turned out, but I would improve them if I had more parts available. They only use pieces from the 2015 Toa sets, not including the Skull Spiders which are still assembled.
Any feedback or constructive criticism is welcome.



Man, took someone long enough to do this.

It seems like they don't use too many of the parts, but they look pretty good, Wairuha especially.


Wow, that looks pretty cool!

I would have, but I'm waiting for the sets to arrive.

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I was hoping to build Akamai today if I get Tahu and Onua. You seem to have done quite a good job.

Quite well done. I'll try to avoid comments about the color scheme, since they are Kaita. Weapon choice is pretty good. Wairuha's torso seems too bulky for his limbs, though.

Very Epic.

they both look splendid. I'm impressed.

Those look really good.

I dig the look of KoLeGa (see what i did there) but i hate OnuTaPo! He needs improvements

Ive been waiting for someone to do this. These look pretty good, and they definitely look like the original Toa kaita.

I don't like how the gold Bionicle 2015 shell piece is upside-down on Akamai's chest. Other than that, these look good.

a lot better than the original toa kaita, thats for sure. although akamai's upper thighs look a little thin, in my opinion.

Hey chronix would it be possible for you to make instructions for these cause they look brilliant

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Looks pretty good, for the parts you had.

These look great! I really like them

Could you post instructions? These are so cool!

The 3 armor add-ons look like they represent the 3 Mata torsos used in the originals.

Double post, fixed by Scarilian

These guys look awesome battling Skull Spiders! Great job man. KUTGW.

I'm thinking of doing this with my Toa at some point, I just don't have any time.

NEED INSTRUCTIONS! must build some my self!