2019 Mystery Lego Theme

According of Brickipedia, an unknown LEGO theme is coming next year. But what this theme could be? I think the two options listed below are most likely and both would be welcomed by much of community.

1/ It is replacement for NEXO Knights.

For quite some time, LEGO had at least one multi-year story-based brick-built theme, starting with NINJAGO, continuing with Legends of CHIMA, and recently NEXO Knights. Since NEXO Knights have recently ended, it quite likely that LEGO will make replacement.

2/ It is a new constraction theme.

Since end of BIONICLE G2 in 2016, there has been noticable lack of original constraction. Now that we had two year gap, it is likely that new constraction theme will be coming in near future. I would say 2019 or 2020.

Do you think Brickipedia’s information is legit? If it is coming, what the new LEGO theme will be like? And are my assumptions about its possible identity reasonable? Post your thoughts below! :)


Maybe hero factory G2?

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I think if it actually is something it will almost definitely be a replacement for NEXO Knights. I would be really surprised if it were constraction.

I would really like a hero factory G2. Some kind of next knights wouldn’t be so good

That being said, I did verify that Brickipedia references an external source. The images on said source do not include confidential watermarks, which is uncharacteristic for leaks of this nature. It makes me a bit more skeptical.

Assuming it isn’t sigh another licensed theme, I’d assume it would be in the vein of Legends of Chima and Nexo Knights rather than constraction, but I’ll be pleasantly suprised if it is constraction.

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These two are definetly a possibility, and I would love to see a new constraction theme. This got me thinking on a third possibility, though; a one-off licenced theme for a new movie, similar to what they tried with the Angry Birds movie, with six sets in the spring and nothing more. Don’t quite know what it would be for. How to Train Your Dragon maybe? Since it is getting a third movie in March. As a long time fan of the series and books, I personlly would love to see that. But another lego space theme, maybe Space police four or something, would be very nice to see.

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I honestly think it is gonna be a licensed theme. LEGO could easily just make money off of licenses if they wanted to imo.

My displeasure with licensed themes is that, while the sets are pretty faithful to the movies, they don’t give us the same kind of cool parts that Chima and Nexo Knights did. Also the increased cost of licensed vs. non-licensed sets.

I think that most likely it will be a new minifigure story theme.


I hope it’s lego Shrek.



can we like…

but we have to find out what’s popular first before doing anything


Bring back Slizers/HF.

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Yes. All of yes

Are you referring to “Confidential AL” ?


Guys i think we all know what it is, we heard lego got the lisence to overwatch so it is most likely we get that. It could also be constraction that would be very nice

We are getting Overwatch sets according to this list, but “Confidential AL”'s sets are listed separately.

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Hawkflight, thanks for clearing this! :)

I was about to post same thing, but you already posted it, so I will just state following.

Hawkflight is entirely correct. Overwatch is listed separatedly from the mystery theme. So if the list is correct, the new theme is most likely not related to overwatch, as I highly doubt LEGO would create two entirely new themes at same time for a licence they have just gotten.

I don’t know how to feel about a new Constaction theme, personally I would be psyched for one, but realistically I don’t think so. CCBS as a whole has been slowly declining since G2 ended, even Star Wars isn’t selling build able figures anymore, best thing to do is wait.

Also on the subject of licenced themes, Transformers would be a dream come true.

My bet is on some Nexo Knights replacement, however I would certainly love to see some Constraction.

I assume that we’ll be seeing this in the summer of next year?