2019 Mystery Lego Theme

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Maybe a Space Police reboot?

That would make me heccin happy

Voloctoreb when?


I think the mystery has been solved.



Who let Movie Garmadon near to the design table?

And These Skins

What is this Lego Fish Fortnite? We’ll already be getting Overwatch so I don’t know why is this.


Well this is a new development.

The leaked list has 10 sets with numbers in the " 4197X" format. These new sets have numbers in the format “8100X”. So this looks to just be an additional theme.

That said, these actually look interesting to me. Looks to be a fairly solid technic parts pack without too many oversized beams or shells, and those new fish shells/fins could be useful for MOCing.


These actually look pretty cool, and I could think of some pretty cool uses for those fin pieces. I’m probably not gonna get any, but I’m glad they exist.

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This may be the “Mystery” theme. But we were supposed to get a new original LEGO theme similar to Ninjago, Chima and Nexo Knights, not this odd thing that I can see being sold poorly. While this things look nice, I don’t think much people will actually care about them

It isn’t. As I said before, it has different part numbers than the rumored theme.

I like this set. I am interested in purchasing at least the base kit with koi skin, but I don’t fully understand how LEGO’s crowdfunding system with a third party works, so I’ll need to do a little more research first.

From Brickset:

"The current LEGO FORMA range consists of four products, which are as follows:

81000 Koi Model - $45.00, approximately £35.00, 294 pieces
81001 Shark Skin - $15.00, approximately £12.00
81002 Splash Koi Skin - $15.00, approximately £12.00
81003 Ink Koi Skin - $15.00,approximately £12.00

They are only available in the UK and the US at the moment, via Indiegogo."

First of all the price… yeah not worth it. Second its limited for only the US and the UK.

Dang thats uncharacteristic of lego to crowdfund. Plus those prices, DANG. Legos already overpriced

I can see why they limited it for US and UK (I don’t live in either of those countrys). Thay did’t wanted to be a huge fail, they just wanted to experiment, to see if those types of sets work, so they limited it for only US and UK. While this things look cool, I think they kind of get too far away from the standard LEGO building system with this customized paper like pieces. I am sure this thing is not going to sell well, and in 10 years people are going to say: “What an odd theme”.

@LegoDavid I suspect FORMA is going to evolve past kinetic fish sculptures. Heavy reliance on plastic skins is a fair criticism of the sets, so when the time comes for LEGO to design a new product for the line, they can take that into consideration. After all, the essence of this theme is gauging the interests of adult consumers. In the end, this is only FORMA’s first offering, so I’d give it some more time before passing judgement.

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What i’d like to see is if they could incorporate other building systems like CCBS for humanoid figure’s joints

So, has the mystery been solved or not? Is this new theme actually FORMA? Or was it actually Overwatch all the time?

Or is there another theme that we know nothing about yet (I highly doubt this…)

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It’s a different theme from FORMA and Overwatch.

Again, the leaked parts numbers are different than either.


Apologies if this is the wrong topic, I was not sure if I should use this one or make a new topic for it. Those of us who backed Forma got a new update recently that you may find interesting.

"LEGO® FORMA update
Dear Backers,

Many of you have been curious about the future of LEGO® FORMA, and now is the time.

Since your orders were shipped, we have been busy processing your feedback and evaluating whether the concept should be developed and scaled globally. With your help, we have learned that the kinetic sculpture concept provides a very positive building experience and that in general there is high demand for meaningful customization allowing for self-expression such as LEGO FORMA. A lot of you, would have liked to see more customization options as part of the LEGO FORMA experience.

Based on these key learnings, we have decided that LEGO FORMA will not be launched further in its present form. We know there is a lot of love for the concept out there, and we will make sure all our learnings are fueled into the broader organization and taken into consideration for future concepts.

We also want to take the time to send a HUGE thank you to each and every one of you for your support throughout our very first pilot and crowdfunding campaign. We have been amazed by your high level of engagement and willingness to take part in our innovation process and provide invaluable feedback on the LEGO FORMA and crowdfunding experience. The key learning objective of this pilot was to learn, and your overwhelming amount of feedback makes this pilot an absolute success. Piloting has proved itself as a great way of getting new learnings and real-time input from our users. Going forward we hope to maximize the benefits of piloting and try out new innovations.

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and a happy 2020!

With appreciation and passion,
The LEGO FORMA team"

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