2059: The superhero revolution (RP series Sign ups)

For those interested, I added a drawing to Catherine’s signup.

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This reminds me of Umbra for some reason

Okay, I’m enticed.

Name: Katrina Morgan. (Married to Bruce Morgan)
Alias: Shatterglass

Gender: female

Aliance: neutral

Generation: newbie

Powers: Katrina has the power to manipulate sound, electricity, and water.

Appearance: a short, young human girl with bright green eyes and short brown hair. She has numerous tattoos on her body, all in the form of a network of lines that lead to her heart. They are very faint. When she uses her powers, the tattoos will glow a certain color based on the power she is using. Purple for sound, yellow for electricity, and blue for water. Now, (After the initial RP), she can double or even triple up her powers, using combinations of them. The strength of these powers has also increased.

Bio: Katrina is quiet and shy, as well as skittish. She fears her powers, and as such has not joined a team. She is smart, and can be quite mouthy yet humorous once she warms up to people.
@Mctoran I added some changes.

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@meepinater here is Bruce’s love interest :joy::joy::joy::smirk:



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@Mctoran G thanks, will you accept like a Super Soldier hero? As far as I know there are no super soldier characters like captain america for example, so can I?

You said in the beginning, we are allowed to have 4 characters but I still ask, just in case.

Sure, go ahead.

I am actually planning a super-soldier type villain for this RP, as a matter of fact.

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And probably be the main nemesis of my character? :stuck_out_tongue:

A question @Mctoran are there such things here as an Anti-Hero/Vigilante? Like would you accept an Anti-Hero/Vigilante character?

Name: Murzahk
Alias: None
Gender: None
Group: League of Shadows
Generation: Newbies
Can fly
Can shoot laser from his left eye
Can Drill


Murzahk was sent by the League to find Idk for now @Mctoran we’ll talk about that. . He’s cruel and brutal, has no mercy on his prey. He is about 6 feet tall.


Yes. That is what the “other” option is in the Alliance category. I made it so you could call it whatever you want.

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I need to edit it, i forgot to add something.

I hate to sound picky, but I was wondering if I could get more old-timer characters? I was planning for them to play a big role this RP.

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@Mctoran Well I had in mind to create a Grand Master Assassin for the Brotherhood as he was the one which helped Bruce a bit with his “Temper and Teenager growing up to be an Adult and pretty much a World changer event type of thing.” I mean if you are down with the idea, sure I’d be happy to oblige you.

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I could make another character.

Edit: Here ya go @Mctoran

Name: Elias Crawn

Alias: Darkwing

Gender: Male

Alliance: Villain

Generation: Old-timers

Powers/abilities: Elias has the power to blend into shadow, as well as create shadows and bend/distort light for minor illusions.

Appearance: Elias is a tall person, with grey/white hair and dark blue eyes. He wears a suit of armor with plates that are angular and jagged. The armor is black with hints of blue. He also wears a faceplate in the shape of a skull. He wears a large black cloak with a hood.

Bio: Elias as been a villian since he had his powers, when his parents forced him to join them. As he grew older, Elias became comfortable with the life of a villain. He tends to be harsh when speaking, but he can take a kinder tone to people he likes. (not like-likes.) He typically has some sarcastic remark for every situation. He likes to take command of the situation, and enjoys the feeling of others’ sub-ordinance to him.

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(Basically, my reason for having the old-timers was so that they could be mentor-type figures to the newbies, and train them to become better heroes/villains.)


Name: Antipatros Nasir Alhikma

Alias: Grand Master of the Assassin’s Brotherhood

Gender: Male

Alliance: Hero

Generation: Old-Timers

Powers/Abilities: Antipatros might be old but thanks to this advanced technology he has an exoskeleton suit inside his armor and robes attached to his body which helps him do some of the feats he once did without breaking a sweat.

He posses two knives and a short sword, quick for stab and good for defense if it comes down to a sword fight. He also has two hand cannons but he rarely uses them thanks to his semi-bulletproof armor around his body.

And like any other Assassin has the Eagle Vision ability he also has the hidden blades which can change form into a laser blade version or normal strong metal version.

Appearance: (Found it on Pinterest, by looking Assassin’s Creed Futuristic Armor.)
He wears a mask but when he removes it, his face looks aged but kept to the best physical condition he could and has a brown beard.

Personality: He is a very Wise Assassin and is the Grand Master of his Brotherhood for about 10 years ago. He is calm, cold and calculated as an Assassin should be though he shows emotional traits, he is way past his Prime but he will not go down without a fight and he’ll protect any innocent lives from being attacked on his watch.

Bio: Throughout his life he was a good Assassin and became a Grand Master about 10 years ago, in that time he would meet and somewhat befriend Bruce after his parents’ death, Antipatros was the only “parent figure” to him and taught him the best he could though he did not perfected Bruce, he at least trained him and raised him the best he could and now the path of becoming wiser is on Bruce’s hands.

Time to time Bruce visits him and once in a while have a friendly discussion and talk about their issues and about life in general, Bruce respects him and vice versa. Now Antipatros lives his life and happily waits to see what this new group of superheroes will do and unfold.


Voice: A wise booming voice which inspires to does which listen, courage, self-confidence and the will to fight.

@Mctoran sorry it took long, I had homework to do.

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Name: EPU-31415926
Alias: None, feel free to assign one IC
Gender: None
Allaince: Other
Generation: Unknown
Powers Abilities: EPU-31415926 is meant to purge extradimensional anomalies and other threats to the multiverse. As such it is equipped to deal with many dangers and is able to take quite a beating. It contains a near endless energy supply and has intense self repair systems. It has a variety of weapons and abilities, including plasma jets and cutters, cryogenic freezers, incredible strength, a grip capable of crushing nearly anything, nearly inpenetrable 75 mm thick armor angled to deflect projectiles, a cannon that takes in surrounding mass, compress it, and fires it at a maximum speed of 8 km/s, and a multitude of scanner that give it 360° vision in all conditions and allows it to track targets and anomalies with ease.
Appearance: 10 feet tall and nearly just as wide, this robot is a large, bulky, walking tank. It’s colored completely black and joints are covered with segmented plates of armor. Each limb is easily 1 foot wide at the thinnest, usually 2 feet. The claws each have four grips with the blasters in its palm. The mass driver cannons are located over each shoulder. Picture coming soon likely.
Bio: Sent from another Dimension to purge the immediate area due to possible contamination.

Accepted. Join anytime.