2059: The superhero revolution (RP series Sign ups)

It is the year 2059. It has 40 years since the golden age of superheroes in the 2010’s. Today, all of the original heroes and villains are old, and most of are retired or semi-retired. They are barely in good enough physical health to perform the fantastic feats that they originally did back in their day. This generation of heroes have been coined “the old-timers”.
Meanwhile, a new generation of “hip”, youthful heroes and villains are appearing rapidly throughout the city, challenging the mantle of the old timers and sparking a rivalry between the two generations. This new generation have been coined “Newbies” by the old-timers.

And, thanks to the passing of time and the advances of technology and industry that come with it, society has evolved. Humanity is on the cusp of entering the “futuristic age”.
However, all of these recent circumstances has created the perfect storm to birth a new threat, more dangerous that anything the heroes past or present have ever faced before. Now, the old timers may be forced to leave retirement for one last bout, and the Newbies will have to learn to put aside their differences with the old-timers, and learn from each other and work together to stop this new danger.


**1.)**No OP or ridiculously powerful characters.

Apparently, some people are unclear of the exact definition of this rule. So, let me spell out what abilities would be considered “OP”:

-Reality Warping

-Time Travel/Time Altering

-Long-distance, instantaneous teleportation, expecially to places the charactr has never been before

-No-selling, unless your character could realistically be unaffected or unharmed by an attack.

-And any of the like.

2.) The only exception to the above rule is Mctoran.

**3.)**No Autohitting, Autododging, Godmodding or Metagaming.

**4.)**Please be respectful and civil with all other players OOC.

**5.)**There is no limit to the amount of characters you can have.

6.) Even after the RP has started, the sign ups will remain open. New players/characters will always be welcome.

Speaking of Sign-ups, I should also make all of you aware that, for my entire 2059 series, I will not be making anymore signup topics. I shall be using the same sign up topic for every RP in this series. So, even though the title says that this is the sign-up topic for “2059: the Superhero Revolution”, it can also apply to “2059: The Invasion” and so on.

Character Sheet:




Alignment: (Hero, villain or other)

Affiliation(s): (Basically, What teams or organizations is your character part of, or has been part of?)

Generation: (Newbies or Old-Timers)




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This looks good.

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Name: Scrapper
Alias: None
Gender: Male
Alliance: Himself
Generation: Old timers
Powers/abilities: Scrapper has slow regeneration abilities and can form his limbs into assorted weaponry. He also has limited fire powers.
Scrapper is mostly Black, with orange flows of magma through his body he has bright green eyes and an array of four tentacles that can sprout from his back when needed.
Scrapper also has wheel feet, which allow him to travel smoother and faster.
After the Gamemaster betrayed him, Scrapper removed a single tentacle before he drowned, and over time his body would regrow off the tentacle. After almost 50 years Scrapper was finally fully grown. He made a vow to himself that he would never trust anyone again, and slipped away into hiding.

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Name: kain


Gender: mail

Alliance: depends on who’s paying

Generation: newbie

Powers/abilities:can copy others abilities and has multiple forms and hidden wepons in his cyborg body.


Personality/Bio: a ruthless bounty hunter / assassin in the vain of an old serial killer named sadie. Pay him enough and he doesn’t care what side your on or what you believe; all he cares about is the money and power. Strictly a loner and has no problems playing dirty to win or achieve his goals.

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Name: Catherine Gray

Alias: Project: Novus

Gender: Female.

Alliance: Hero

Generation: Newbies

Can shoot lasers out of her hands or fingertips, retractable wings, boosters in her boots that let her jump around quickly and help her fly. Her helmet has a UI in it that can help her gather and read information, can radio her tutor, and can send emergency alerts when it is in danger.

Project: Master-Moonedge

A device that attaches to her upper forearm that has the ability to extend out a horizontal blade. Not much to it other than to enhance hand-to-hand capabilities. Name comes from ancient sword “Masamune,” “Master” because of proficiency of use, and Moon because, to quote Catherine, “it makes it sound neat.”

R-Mechanical Overdrive

Removes the limiting device placed on his power core(Made of Veriperium). Does damage to robotic systems after 25 posts that take place in the scenario she’s in, but multiplies his laser power, speed, strength, and other physical attributes by a factor of 2.5

R-Mechanical Core Discharge

Channels massive amounts of energy to his power core and shoots a gigantic laser blast out of it. Makes her unable to shoot lasers or use her wings/boosters until she has them manually repaired.

Appearance: Wears what seems to be a metallic chestpiece, inside of which is a green crystal covered by a metal grate, and has metal gauntlets that cover her whole forearms/hands and metal boots, all the metal being a silvery-black. Pretty much the rest of her body seems to be covered in a strong, dark blue metal/fabric hybrid, being strong but flexible. She also wears a nondescript helmet, being a smooth rounded shape of a shiny, glassy blue in front, going to a silvery-black near the back… Her face and head cannot be seen through it, but she can see through it herself. Seems to be about 18-19 in age.

Personality/Bio: She’s very confident and very much is a go-getter, going out of her way to help anyone she can in any way she can, usually trying to take charge when she does.
About a year before the events of this RP, she encountered a battle between a masked hero and some unnamed villain. In the battle, even though the hero was holding his own, he had the battle locked at a stalemate. Catherine, always one to help, jumped in and tackled the villain. The villain quickly overpowered her and threw her aside, but she was enough of a distraction for the hero to beat the villain. In return for the help(and to make sure that if she did it again, she didn’t accidentally kill herself), the hero, who had been looking for an apprentice for a while now, brought her to his base, where he gave her the Project: Novus armor. He trained her in how to use it, and set her off to help save the nearby area, with some guidance.


Name: Xano Miro
Alias: Chaotic
Gender: Male
Generation: “Newbies”
Power/Abilities: Xano Miro wears a robotic armor called “Gramr”. The suit has many functions and is powered by a Ignotium Crystal bundle. The energy glows deep red from within his navy blue armor, often having a chilling effect. The Ignotium Energy itself is prone to bundle up when more energy is added, it becomes more tangled like a string. The suit has multiple functions: each function except the base function have an allotted number of posts they can last, before becoming the base function again for 7 posts, before switching functions again.

Radix Base Function

In Radix Function, the Gramr suit displays the ability to fly , using feet mounted, hand mounted, and back mounted engines. He is also able to use fore arm mounted guns. In Radix Function, the Ensis Blade has base functions of being a normal sword, that cuts really well.

Gramr Suit glows red [Base Function]

Radix Ignis

The Radix Ignis functions convert the arm mounted guns into flame throwers and the edge of the sword is heated for better cutting ability.

Gramr Suit glows bright orange [25 posts]

Radix Fulmen

The Radix Fulmen functions convert arm mounted guns to tasers and the sword becomes electrified.

Gramr Suit glows a neon blue [30 posts]

Radix Clypeus

The Radix Clypeus functions convert arm mounted guns into fore arm blades and the Ensis Blade transforms into a shield. The Gramr Suit becomes much more shock absorbent than before, though in Radix Clypeus it cannot fly.

Gramr Suit glows green [25 posts]

Radix Ferrum

The Radix Ferrum converts both arm guns to swords and those swords become electrified. The Ensis Blade is heated in this state.

Gramr Suit glows white [30 posts]

Radix Extimus

Any function is doubled (x2) in power, though it takes 14 posts to recover. Also two new fore arm guns appear they shoot energy blasts

Gramr Suit glows purple. [15 posts]

If special functions are used too consistently, such as three of them being used on right after the other, then the Gramr Suit will start to under perform and recovery takes 5 posts longer.
Upper Body

Helmet Side View

Xano Miro’s armor is in a dark navy blue and steel grey color scheme. There are parts that light does glow through and the light is the only color to change.
Personality/Bio: Xano Miro is a deranged scientist, who after finding the Ignotium Energy began experimenting with it. He became obsessed with it and built a suit around it. Eventually he was kicked out of the lab, for his unhealthy obsession. Xano decided to take it upon himself that he needed to learn more, so he stole his suit back and continued his experiments, eventually losing his sanity to the energy.

(Fixed pars to parts)


Dude, nice drawings



@Mctoran now I don’t know but does an Assassin like in Assassin’s Creed count as a superhero?

If so, I’ll have this Assassin be futuristic in away and have the amount of strength to hold par on par with other people’s characters, that is if they are that OP or my character can’t stand a chance since he’ll probably be a human against Idk an alien with idk how many crazy abilities.

Just suggesting here.

you could totally make a character with stealth powers and information gathering abilities. With the two combined with whatever assassin abilities you have it could be a good asset for your character.

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So does this mean yes or?

I’ve already got assassin-esque character (@Khalsa721’s Klaw) and I had a few similar characters in the last superhero-themed RP I was in.


Since klaws an immoral loner maybe yours could kinda be an opposite rival kinda like fracture and drift in transformers rid?

I guess i’ll let a character into the fray:

Name: Richard Servastus

Alias: None…yet

Gender: Male

Alliance: Hero (He claims)

Generation: Newbie

Abilities: Richard doesn’t have any “powers”, but he is highly skilled in combat. He has access to a whole host of weapons and tech from what Richard calls his “Inheritance”. He is also skilled with wielding his cane(Built in with various different functions) as a staff.

Appearance: Richard wears a Purple suit, cloak, tophat, and a chrome Phantom of the Opera mask, which is built in with a visor. He wears white gloves and carries his cane everywhere, even though he doesn’t actually need it to walk.

Personality/Bio: Growing up, Richard always felt that something was “off” about his family, and the way he was raised. He barely ever left his home, and his parents were always worrying about being seen. They said it was because society didn’t appreciate them, and judged them for things that Richard’s father’s father had done. It was only when Richard’s father had died did he discover the full truth: He was the grandson of Jonathan Servastus, The Gamemaster.
In his father’s will, Richard had inherited all of the Gamemaster’s empire, fortune, and arsenal. Richard’s father had never touched any of it, most likely out of shame. Richard almost did the same thing, wanting to ignore his legacy and try to live a normal life. But then, he realised that the Gamemaster’s resources could be put to good use. Instead of hiding away and pretending that his grandfather had never existed, Richard decided that he would stand up for himself, and use his newfound assets to make the world a better place. He decided to become a hero, so that society would praise and remember him for all of the heroic deeds that he did, instead of shunning him for the Gamemaster’s villainous actions.

So far, it has been hard to gain the people’s trust, and most people believe that Richard has an underlying motive to becoming a hero. Everyone (especially other heroes) remains suspicious of him, to say in the least. Only time will tell if Richard’s intentions are truly pure, or if they will stay pure.

Well, this is an Assassin’s Creed Assassin type character, not a bounty hunter or so. I got a few characters in mind. I’ll let you know when I post.


Alright, I guess I have to just see.

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Name: Jonathan Bruce Morgan

Alias: The Hidden One

Gender: Male

Alliance: Hero and the Assassin’s Brotherhood

Generation: Newbie

Powers/Abilities: He is a master at stealth and assassinations he works in the shadows to serve the light: meaning he attacks mostly from the shadows and makes himself hidden like a Hidden One.

His abilities are that he is really fast and agile thanks to his exoskeleton suit beneath his robes and this also increases his strength making him far stranger than an ordinary human male.

His cybernetic gauntlets house two secret hidden blades which have two modes, one being a laser hidden blade version and one normal hard steel metal version.

Since he is an Assassin this includes the Assassin’s signature eagle vision, which helps them see better in a sixth sense kind of way and discover hidden messages and other things.

He also posses grappling hooks housed inside his cybernetic gauntlets and has two powerful hand cannons.

And one rifle able to shoot from a fair amount of distance which can detach into two pieces and be holstered onto his back or hips.

Appearance: (Props for the guy which did this, he is a great artist. I find this on Pinterest by typing Assassin’s Creed futuristic armor.)

Personality: Before he became an Assassin he was first an arrogant and ladies man guy, sometimes full of himself and always hitting on ladies. However through his life, as he became an Assassin, he grew to be wiser and knowledgable though sometimes he’ll try to hit on a few ladies, he has become a far better person than he was before.

Though he has his flows, such being: he can become very aggressive and angry at times and will do about anything to see pure justice served no matter the outcome. In his heart, he is kind, generous, friendly, respectful of those which deserve it and he’ll always protect the weak and innocent and in the end, he’ll rise above his flaws for the greater good and do the right thing.

Throughout this RP I’ll try to give him an arc as he changes and becomes even wiser than before and actually earn the title of Master Assassin.

Bio: Jonathan Bruce Morgan wasn’t always an Assassin, he became much later on when he was pretty much a teen growing to be an adult meaning 18-20. His story did not have such a tragic beginning like other Assassin’s. Many villains tried to attack and destroy his family/parents which in the end failed but this angered him even more and throughout his life, he became reckless and aggressive not thinking straight about killing his enemies.

That wouldn’t be the case as his parents died of old age, he then would truly learn how to control his anger and decided to visit a wiser being than him another fellow Assassin and soon the training he went through started to show results. Though he has a lot to learn since he is only 24 years old, in time he’ll change for the greater good.

Voice: The Witcher 3 - The Wild Hunt: Geralt of Rivia voiced by Dovg Cockle


@Mctoran I thought why not add a few bonus things, alright hope you enjoy my character and I hope I did not break any lore or so, I am new to this thing so I am looking forward into enjoying another experience of RP playing.

Name: Caesar Brando

Alias: Diero

Alliance: Hero

Generation: Newbies

After watching a target use a power/ability for exactly one minute straight he copies it, and he can copy 5 powers/abilities at a time. Additionally, he can switch one of his powers with a target’s for three minutes, after which the effect wears off.
Current Powerset;
Super Speed
Enhanced Strength
Energy Projection
No switching powers with targets, and can only copy three at a time, and the powers he has right now are only super speed, flight and energy projection.
Appearance: His Hero uniform is similar to the Great Saiyaman without antennas or a cape
Outside of hero work Caesar often wears a turtleneck ■■■■■ and jeans with white sneakers. He has blonde hair and grey eyes and stands 6 feet 4 inches tall.

Caesar is the son of a wealthy real estate tycoon in Italy, who insisted on going to public school despite his father’s wishes. He’s also a big fan of classic anime/manga like Dragon Ball Super and Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure. He doesn’t like fighting, and tries to solve problems peacefully before using force. He has severe issues with anxiety, the smallest mistake or slip-up sending him into a fit of crying or telling himself that he’s stupid, stupid stupid for several minutes. He believes that the Newbies and Old-timers shouldn’t have a rivalry at all, and that they should work together as one group. He has a very dry sense if humor, making some very bad situations funny in the darkest ways. Caesar also is often sarcastic and coy with everyhing, be it training another hero or fighting a villain. In short terms, he’s Gohan and Kakashi mixed together.
this character and post is really cringey now that I think about it

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