2059: The Dark Reflection

Mark awoke with a start, breathing heavily. The images of the aliens were still very fresh in his mind. As Mark looked around, he realised that he was once again in his bedroom, in Richard’s mansion. What… How did this happen? he thought, confused. The last thing he remembered, he was fighting off the Xir’algath. And now he suddenly found himself in bed. Mark peered out the window nearby. No more aliens. Not the slightest trace of anything having happened in the city. The skies were clear, and th streets were clean. It was a beautiful day.
Had it all been a dream? Mark wondered as he looked around his bedroom. He saw Sadie sleeping next to him. “Good morning, honey.” Sadie said as she woke up, rolling over to face Mark. “Sadie?” Mark said, some tears in his eyes. “I don’t get it. I thought I lost you…” he said, biting his lip. “What are you talking about, silly? I’m right here.” Sadie said, kissing Mark.
Suddenly, Mark heard little footsteps nearby, and the bedroom door began to creak open. Mark turned to the door, apprehensive of whatever could be on the other side. Then, a little boy entered the room. “Good morning Mommy. Morning Dad!” the boy said, jumping into Mark’s arms.
“Good morning, Jack!” Mark said, recognising his son as he hugged him close. Mark began to remember that Jack had always been his son, for 10 years by now.
Perhaps maybe it had been a dream after all. Mark didn’t know, nor care. He was just happy to be back with his family.

Meanwhile, all the other inhabitants of New Evo City would have similar strange things happen to them as they awoke, reality now having been restored to normal. At least…somewhat. They would find that a few things may be different about this new world.
And darker….

Katrina awoke to the sounds of pans and pots in the kitchen. She yawned and stretched her arms, before getting up out of bed. She walked into the kitchen where her five year old twins were pretending to make breakfast.
“How about waffles?” Sophia said.
“No, pancakes!” Logan replied.
“No, waffles!”
“No, pancakes!”
Katrina interrupted. “Or… how about some eggs and toast?” She asked. The two children jumped, startled.
“Okay!” Logan replied. Katrina smiled.

Connor sat up, ending the nightmare. He shook the thoughts of Daniel and Matt from his head.

Grace hummed to herself as she ate her cereal.

Elias growled under a bridge. The shadows arouns him grew darker, and his eyes flashed black.
“Kill… Mark…” hissed the shadows. Then they were gone, leaving Elias shivering in his makeshift home under the bridge.

Snapshot sits inside the mysterious tower, oblivious to all that had happened outside. She frowns, standing in front of the giant. “You have a name?” She asks. @Omega_Tahu

“Connor!” Isabel called “I made breakfast!”

Connor blinked.
“What? How’d you get in?”

“I live here…” she paused

“Right, right. Sorry. I had a bad dream… kinda forgot about this.”
Connor got out of bed and stretched.

“Cmon dear, I made you breakfast!” She smiles

“I’m coming, I’m coming.” Connor replies, walking into the kitchen.

Bruce woke up to the smell of eggs and toast. He yawned and got out of bed. He sleepily padded into the kitchen.
Katrina smiled. “Morning, love. Have a good sleep?”
“Yes, thanks.” Bruce replied.

Sadie washed the blood of her, stripping as she took a shower before leaving her victims house having killed the family.

Richard was downstairs, deep in his work as he poured through notes. It was something to do with “Reality alteration”.

Detective Pierce stared out his window, watching the sunrise as he sipped from his mug of coffee.

Director Christine warren sat in her office, busy with work as she communicated with Celerion’s government. Establishing an interplanetary embassy was hard work, much less retaining one. Still, despite all of her tasks, Christine couldn’t stop remembering the terrifying, realistic nightmare that she had the previous night. There were aliens invading Earth, and she was unable to stop it.
Christine tried not to let the dream bother her as she communicated with Celerion.

Sadie may hear thed sound of chains dragging on the ground nearby.

“Does somebody want to meet me?” She laughed, looking around as she left the house.

Hello, dear Sadie. I’ve missed you.” a voice whispered nearby.

“Who would you be?” She called out.

You probably don’t know who I am…” The voice said to Sadie as Gamemark appeared from a nearby shadow.
“-But I know you. I know you more intimately than you could imagine.” Gamemark said, grinning behind his mask.

“Something tells me we might get along.” She smiled, laughing.

“Well, i’m not so sure about that…” Gamemark said as he began circling Sadie. “You see, in my world, we were very close to each other, maybe we even could have married and had children- that is, until I ripped your heart right of your chest.” He hissed, then giggling slightly.

Oliver watched from a security cam
“HAH I KNEW IT!” He smiles “She’s still a criminal!”

Well then I’d say we’re even. My family is dead and it was all me." Sadie laughed “besides; I don’t need a family,”

“Do not worry, though. I’m mot here to kill you like I did before, as much as i’d like to.” Gamemark replied. “Now, i’m sure you must be confused about why and how you ended up in this alien dimension.” He then said.