2059: The Dark Reflection

“What’s more important is that all I see are new victims.” Sadie laughed.

“But there is a greater purpose for you being here, Sadie. The Shadows, they call out to us, and there are others who have been brought here with a similar story!” Gamemark said. “Something grander is at play here, and like it or not, you are part of the game.”

The signal seemed mixed at first, but she would eventually connect to the planet. She would find a Celestial at the other end, it was a reji, or otherwise called a scientist. The scientist greeted her with a long introduction before asking what she was looking for.

Sounds like fun but I have some plans tonight. Maybe I’ll see you around." She laughed

[quote=“Khalsa721, post:28, topic:49544”]
Sounds like fun but I have some plans tonight.
[/quote]“You may, but just know this: You cannot outrun your desiny…” Gamemark said, stroking and slightly scratching Sadie’s cheek with his bony, clawed hand, before dissapearing into the shadows.
You can’t escape the shadows…” his disembodied voice echoed, as Sadie would feel the scratch on her cheek begin to bleed.

And then he was gone.
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“How is the progress moving with trade?” Christine asked Reji.

The reji answered,
“We are in the progress of creating civilian vehicles to use along with out slip rings, that way the people of Earth can use those vehicular crafts to transport goods, from planet to planet. The first ten should be completed within the next two weeks and will be promptly sent over to Earth, then distributed to the countries within our interplanetary contract, err… treaty.”

An evil Oliver followed him (do I need to sign him up? He’s just Oliver but evil!)

“Looks like a criminal…” Olivia pauses “Sargent Ricky?”
“HEY!” Oliver calls
“Who are you?” Oliver and Olivia say at the same time “I am Commissioner O. J Buckwater of the New Evo Police Department, not you I am! Oh my god we are just the same! We should go to that coffee shop, okay I’m lying it’s not nice it’s actually just cheap…”

Christine nodded. “Speaking of which, you are certain that the Slip Ring is secure, right? Our sensors have detected strange energy readings around and near the machine.”

“So, you’re like me?” Oliver asked
“I guess…” Olivia sighed
“Can we hook up?”
“Thanks for asking for me, I was worried but…”
Oliver kisses Olivia passionately

The reji nodded,
“There’s an on-board artificial intelligence that is controlling the station as it is. I would not worry about the strange energies, there’s a high chance that they are Primordial Energies or an older version of those energies…”
The scientist thinks,
“Hang on, I’ll send two of our warriors to check things out, Shockmaster and Starmaster will be sent over.”

Suddenly a load of swat troopers enter led by Sargent Ricky
“Director Warren, we’ve finished it after so long!”

“Good idea.” Christine said. “Report your findings back to me as soon as you can.” She then said, ending the transmission as sargent Ricky entered her office.

“Finished what?” Christine asked, confused.

“You know the criminal Kyro?” The agent asked “we’ve built a new military robot using some of his dna!”

Christine raised her brows. “Are you sure that was a smart decision?” She asked.

“Relax! We’ve used other dead dna, you worked with White Hood anyways do you can’t really judge, granted comissioner Buckwater has been speaking about raiding you…”

“This could be unstable. I’m sure you recall what happened with the Savager fiasco.” Christine warned. “Just remember: If something goes wrong, don’t say I didn’t tell you so.”

“The savager fiasco was your idea!” Ricky sighs “But, I admit to conspiring against Buckwater, help me get rid of him and I’ll properly clear you of your record!”

Christine suddenly snapped up. “Huh? Why do you want to get rid of him?”

“He snoops around too much…” Ricky replies “I can’t have that!”

Christine leaned forward. “I’m listening…”