2059: The Invasion

Location: New Evo City…
It had been 3 months since the major events that had occured in the city, which was still under repair from the attacks that it had undergone. Besides that, things seemed to be settling back to normal. The heroes’ lives had been calming down a bit, and the villains’ activity was scarce. The treaty between Earth and Celerion was also about to be officially signed. Things seemed to be looking up.
However, little did everyone know, Earth was about to receive “other” visitors soon…



“Smell that filtered air!” Yakiv exclaimed “I hate this cess-pit of a city so much” He turned to his driver Rękawica “Thanks for dropping us here by the way.”

Rękawica grunted in response. “They cleaned up a bit”

Mule looked over at Yakiv’s new arm a grim reminder of their tussle with the terrorist known as Black hood

In a small, desolate part of the city, a Giant orb of energy blinked into existence. It glowed a vibrant red, and hovered about three feet off the ground. The sphere’s diameter was roughly 8 feet across, and bolts of power arched off the ball’s surface. The orb began to lower itself, growing dimmer as it did so. The energy ad disipated all together by the time it reached the ground, revealing a man in a strange, bulky suit. Malfector had arrived.

Carlie and Kim talked over a plate of spicy buffalo wings. Kim delicately nibbled at the wings and often sipped his cola while he listened to Carlie ramble, providing input when given the chance.

“You would not believe the stuff that happens outside my work,” she said, waving a half eaten buffalo wing around to emphasize the point. “Last week we had a guy try to out run the police on a scooter. To be fair it did seem like normally he had some power, but he was too drunk to remember.”

Kim nodded, finishing off his wing and wiping his fingers clean of the sauce. “Yeah, last week we had the third attempted bank robbery of the month. Of course it failed, but still.” He shook his head. “Crime doesn’t seem to stop.”

Carlie nodded. “Yeaahhh, a bit unfortunate.”

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"Damage report, " growled the Time Traveler, into an arm mounted screen.

“The time drive was damaged by the jump,” Replied a chipper voice that sounded like a detergent salesman, “Scans indicate that the technology required to repair it hasn’t been built yet.”

“Can it,” Malfector responded," I’ve done more with less. Once I complete my mission, then we can start worrying about getting back."

Meanwhile, at Richard’s mansion, Mark awoke in his bed. He rolled over, and turned to face Sadie. a sight that he was grateful for. “Good Morning, honey.” He said, smiling.

#One Month Ago

A figure entirely naked is suspended in a tank of green gel, he’s asleep and possibly dead, he’s surrounded by other figures in tanks of the same stuff, they are all exactly identical, an alien scientist looks at one of them, he looks the oldest and possibly the strongest
“He is ready!” The scientist smirks
“Excellent!” Another alien smiles, the other one is taller, more powerful looking and adorned in golden armour with silver markings, this one is the emperor Zalas Quobb “send him down to earth, it’s about time there for some spring cleaning!”
The canister crashes down to earth

“I need shelter and weaponry, what do you have got for me?” Malfector asked.

“There’s an abandoned building near here that should have the necessary power requirements for your needs. I’m also compiling a list of tools that you can construct with the current state of technology.” Answered the AI.

“Good,” Malfector replied, before he started to walk along the road he was on.

Egypt, Africa

A yellow dune buggy drives near by the river Nile, it is driven by the inspector but Kyro simply sits by him humming Toto’s Africa, they see something in the distance
“It looks like a guy back there!” The inspector smirks, he drives over to the body
“Holy macaroni it is a guy!” The inspector gasps
“Not just any guy, Mark…” Kyro smirks
“Who’s mark?” The inspector asks
“Worked for the CIA against him!” Kyro chuckles “dude died and came back to life at his own wedding!”
“Was his girl hot?” The inspector asked
“As hot as the arctic!” Kyro chuckles “he was some kind of superhero supposedly!”
“That’s all I need to hear!” The inspector chuckles “let’s keep him!”
“Wait…” Kyro pauses “What’s this stuff?” Kyro points to the remains of a canister, the inspector is too busy loading the sandy, naked and passed out mark onto the truck

After finishing their wings, Carlie and Kim head out to walk the streets of the city, unwilling to depart just quite yet. Their walk was filled with banter about their daily lives and world news.

Grace sat at her computer, typing up an essay for her online English class. She rubbed her eye, before looking at the time. Standing up, Grace saved the document and turned off her computer. She walked over to her dresser and pulled on some socks and shoes. Suddenly, a stream of sticky white web shot out of her wrist. She flinched. “Not again.” Grace hurriedly cleaned the webbing up and threw it away.

Toxin strolled through the middle of a street. Cars rushed by him, many honking angrily. He laughed, his voice distorted through the crow-shaped mask he wore. He continued walking, until he found a worthy host. He walked up to the human and morphed into a sickly green mist, which surrounded the human and entered him. The human’s eyes flashed green, before turning unfocused.

Katrina woke up, blinking her eyes open. She turned to see Bruce, still asleep. “He’s so cute asleep.” She said to herself. Getting out of bed, she grabbed her clothes for the day and went into the bathroom to get ready for the day.

BladeWing sat on the rooftop facing Richard’s mansion. Many mornings, he sat there, debating whether to reveal himself to Sadie and Mark. He sighed.
“Dangit, why don’t I have the guts to do this? I can face off a CIA agent, but not talk to my sister.”

GrimBlade rode his motorcycle across the rooftops, searching for threats to the city.

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He turned to the side of the bed, lying on his pillow which to him felt very comfortable, he repositioned his sleep position.

As he slept his alarm clock started ticking and ticking, buzzing and whatnot which got Bruce’s attention and he woke up in a buzz and got up, he looked at the window which was shined by the sunlight and then looks at Katrina’s stop which was empty.

He stretches an yawns, his eyes tired he lets himself fall back on his bed and shuts his eyes to get a bit of sleep.

Katrina walks out of the bathroom.
“Morning, love.” She says, smiling.

He gets his head up and sees her. “…Moarning.” he said yawning as he let his head fall back at the pillow.

“Tired?” Katrina asked.
“Come on, don’t you want some breakfast?”

He shrugged. “…y’know…I love you and all…but.” he yawned. “The waking up habit this early isn’t my strong suit.”

Katrina chuckled.
“Alright. You sleep in.” She replied, giving Bruce a grin. “I’ll go start on breakfast. Maybe the smell of bacon will get you up.” She joked. She kissed Bruce’s cheek, before standing back up and entering the kitchen.

“Just…5 minutes…alright?” he said before she could go to the kitchen.

Carlie and Kim fell silent watched Toxin cross the road and possess the civilian. Kim glances at Carlie, but she was already speeding up and pushing her way through the crowd. Kim followed not far behind.

Oliver has about ten missed calls from Kevin, he sighed and spoke to Ricky who agreed to drop him off at the courthouse
“Attention everyone!” Said the current president “it has come to my attention that the world is currently suffering from massive terrorist attacks from those labelling themselves superheroes, I have held this meeting for all of those in favour of having those heroes illegal, all in favour must say aye!”
Everyone said aye except for Oliver who was sitting with frank and Ricky, neither of them put their hands up either
“Do you have something to say Oliver James Buckwater, Federal Bearau of Investigation Inspector?” The president asked
“Yes, aren’t we slightly jumping to conclusions due to the actions of a few, surely those such as O2 and Spider-Man’s crimes have been very minimal?” Oliver asked
“You bring up a good point but…” the president starts
“No buts!” Mr Whiteham (the bad cop) replies “just answers…”
“Ahh yes, Mr Whiteham, if this is about legalising public executions, the answer is still no” the president sighs
“I will not be seen as a racist stereotype, I propose the permanence of superheroes being a legal, I also propose we go back to the good old days without your FBI and CIA!” Mr Whiteham growls
“The FBI provide a valuable service to this country!” Ricky yelled
“The carpenter’s tired of making new doors!” Another cop yells
“SILENCE IN THE COURT!” The judge yells “We have come to a permanent solution, superheroes are illegal!”