2059: The superhero revolution (RP topic)

The year is 2059. Many things have change in the 40 years since the age of the Majestic League in the City of Heroes. That time is long past, and the original heroes and villains of that era are now old, well into their 60’s and 70’s. Most of them are retired or semi-retired, seeking to live out the rest of their days in peace. In recent times, new heroes and villains have appeared in place of the originals, seeking to fill the empty space left behind. Over the years, humanity has taken a large technological leap, and many important breakthroughs in science and weaponry have been made, making the lives of humans longer and more convenient.

Nowhere have these changes been more prominent than in New Evo city, a place not too far from the City of Heroes. In recent years, it has developed into a hotspot for the new heroes and villains, and society’s technological advancements.

We now observe the daily lives of the residents of New Evo City…


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Scrapper silently snuck around the city. Unlike most of the old-timers, Scrapper was perfectly capable of the feats he had performed back when that whole ‘Majestic League’ thing was still happening, partly due to the fact that he had just recently regrown fully. His tentacles snaked around his body, each acting like a separate being from Scrapper entirely.

Antipatros was standing over his window inside the Assassin’s Brotherhood HQ located in the City of Heroes, appreciating the view as he looked towards the New Evo City as he thought aloud.

“Where could Bruce have been?” he asked with his old and booming wise voice. “Where ever you are, stay true to our ways and become a far better Assassin they I could have ever become.” he said as he saw an Eagle making some calling sounds as it flew towards the New Evo City.

The Eagle flew towards the New Evo City in a matter of minutes as he then spotted Jonathan Bruce Morgan, the so-called heir to Antipatros.

He was on top of a very tall building resting near the edge, fearing not if he might fall as he smoked a cigar and the smoke caused by the cigar was caught by the wind and spread it across the air.

Bruce stood up and took his cigar out of his mouth for a second and smirked he placed it onto his mouth and closed his eyes, the only thing he could hear was the sounding calls of the Eagle

He lets himself fall off the edge and performs a Leap of Faith, he opened his eyes as he saw himself falling, thankfully there was a futuristic cart full with haystacks preventing him from dying and go splash across the road.

Bruce landed in the cart of haystacks, he then jumped out and landed on his feet. He placed his hand inside his pockets and began walking through the City wondering what kind of surprises it might hold today.

Nearby, a flambouyantly dressed man that resembled a circus ringleader at a masquerade party was wandering the alleyways of New Evo city. He knew that this was the most crime-ridden area of the city, and he was looking for some crimes (And maybe a few faces as well) to bust. The man tapped his cane on the ground, making a distinct clicking sound as he walked.

Bruce with his hoodie over his head, covering most of his faces in darkness. Only his nose, mouth, and cigar and smoke caused by it could be seen. Perhaps the dressed man which resembled a circus ringleader could spot Bruce walking pass by through the alleyways of the New Evo city.

The man saw Bruce out of his peripheral vision, and suddenly stopped dead in his tracks. He tightened his grip on the cane, prepared to defend himself if need be. “Who’s there?!” he called out, studying the area around him.

Bruce starts to walk into different direction as to through off the Man. “Who’s asking?” he asked, his voice echoing through the Alleyway.

“Targets in my sites. Unfortunately my account hasn’t seemed to get any bigger.” Klaw laughed “just one second.” His employer answered, transferring the extra funds. He aimed the sniper, pointing at the woman’s head as he fired “pleasure doing business with you.” He got up, leaving the area as there seemed to be panic from the people around.

“Uh…don’t really have an identity yet, but you should still take me seriously!” he declared. “What are you doing here?”

“Take you seriously??” Bruce asked very intrigued. Bruce appeared behind the Man’s back but he was distend about it he lay himself besides a wall with his arms crossed.“Certainly that’s none of your business.” Bruce answered. @Mctoran

A portal opens miles above the city. It’s a relatively normal portal, barely 20 feet wide. It stayed there for a moment, swirling energy rimming an entry way into another universe. The lights crackled and reached an intensity for a moment, before a black blur flew out from it, heading straight towards the ground. The portal closed, and the projectile fell. It hit the top of a tower, and a plume of smoke and debris flew out from the top. Then another flew out from the floor below. Then another, and another, until all 45 floors were filled with debris and dust and the tower began to implode.

From the wreckage a large black machine began to climb itself out of the wreckage, tossing aside hunks of concrete and sending them flying into other buildings. It took a step, concrete cracking beneath its gargantuan foot print, and surveyed the target zone. It was time to clean the mess.

“WHAT WAS THAT!?” Silas yelled before running with the crowd

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the city, a rift opened in the shadows, some sort of gateway. Five beings spilled out of the portal: Mark, Sadie, Skader, Hydron and Leadhead. Mark stumbled over, then stood up to get his bearings. “Well, it looks like we’re back home.” He declared, unaware of where, or when they really were yet.

“Oh okay…can you see a payphone?”

The black robot suddenly swiveled around. It had detected an anomaly, and an anomaly was a target. It spun and began to make a beeline for the target, smashing through any small buildings, vehicles, or obstacles in its way.

Mark looked around, scanning the city. No phonebooth in sight. “Sorry, not here. Maybe we’ll find one deeper in the city.” He suggested.

“Well, I just need to know whether or not I should sock you and turn you in to the authorities.” The man nonchalantly responded to Bruce.

“right…anyone hungry?”

“Trust me, you don’t have to.” Bruce said. “I’m one of the good guys, I guess.”

“I know a good place to eat. Let’s head there.” Mark suggested.


“Okay…” The man said, his eyes slightly narrowing with suspicion. “So, are you just patrolling the area?” he asked Bruce.

“Good good, I’m starving”