21115 Minecraft: The First Night

So I got four of the six Lego Minecraft minifigure scale sets this year for Christmas, and I thought I would review them. First I will say they are all excellent quality sets, and, IMHO, they are worth the money. Also, this being my first set review ever (I think), please forgive any noobish mistakes I make!

Note also, these are just my personal opinions.

Now I will review the first set I built: The First Night, containing 408 pieces, for $39.99 on the Lego shop. It comes with a Steve, Creeper, and Pig minifigure, as well as an ax, a sword, a pickaxe, and a loaf of bread.

First off: I loved the set, although I can say from experience that it is not an accurate representation of what a first night is like in Minecraft (at least not MY first nights, which are usually spent in a dirt hole, or a cobblestone cube at best).

The house opens up to reveal what is inside, which, from what I have seen, is relatively common in Lego sets, but it is a really neat feature. I do like the bed and workbench, although the workbench texture isn't completely accurate. I don't care for the chest. I wish they had made a new mold for a square chest like in the game.

I also think they could have done better with the furnace. Perhaps they could have made it all one piece.

I like the tree. Good design. Not sure how I feel about trans green pieces. They just look a little funny to me. Not sure why they put it on the roof! The roof panels have nothing connecting them to the rest of the house, so one must take care not to knock them off. This also means you can put the panel with the tree on the ground, however, there will be a huge hole in the roof!

About the mini figs, I love them, and the fact that they made a new block shaped head, instead of the normal Lego minifig head, and that they made custom armor instead of standard minifig armor, which is what we saw in some of the prototype images if I am correct. One complaint I have is that the characters have necks, unlike in the game, where the head just sits on the shoulder. It would have looked nicer, I think, if the head pieces were designed with this in mind.

Also, the creeper legs do not move at all, unfortunately. Neither do the pig's legs.

But overall, I like all the minifigures, especially the pig!

I think it's a high quality set, pretty accurate representation of how things are in the game, and I would recommend it to anyone! I think I will give this set a 7.5/10 rating, for good design, representation, and awesome minifigures.

I will be reviewing the other Minecraft sets I have recieved: The End, The Cave, and The Crafting Box.


not sure about that pricepoint though...

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For $40 and around 400 pieces, I'd say that's a good set.


I'm not too sure about that price point either, though it might be a good one to get on sale. Over all it looks like a cool set though.

I'm not entirely sold on this set. Sure, for a $40 price point, it has a good number of pieces....but you don't really seem to get much. A block of a house and a few figures. Woot woot.

Still, it does capture a Minecrafty feel.

That's basically what everyone makes on the first night in Minecraft.


Nahhhh. I usually start building a massive base and just fight everything else off. That's probably why it doesn't appeal much o me.


I just dig into the side of a mountain for the first couple nights to get cobble, dirt, and the new 1.8 blocks for my first nights


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Man... 87% of the time ppl mine coal and such at night... Then they realise its been 3 ingame days!

Lol, this isn't an accurate representation of MY first nights in Minecraft. I don't think I got glass for almost an in-game week stuck_out_tongue

I skip the house-building part and find a jungle temple or a desert temple to live in.