2D Digital Pakari (Mask of Strength) + Noble Huna (Mask of Concealment)


Here is a 2D digital Huna (Mask of Concealment). I made it using Blender, and is only in 2D form (it is actually my profile picture).

I also made a Pakari (Mask of Strength) which is not quite as good, but is still okay.

If you want to use these images as a profile picture, I am happy to let you use it.

I also don't mind taking colour requests. If you want a very specific colour, with RGB quantities, I can do that too.



I actully think that the pakari looks better,
anyways, Good job with these models, they're really nice! :slight_smile::thumbsup:

Neat minimalist style

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Thanks! I really appreciate the compliment! :slight_smile:

Thanks! I actually chose the minimalist style because I'm not quite good enough to add a ton of detail.


They are both pretty good, simple, but good.

You can do whatever mask we want?




Yes, as long as there is an image of the front of the mask only. If I can't find a picture, you can also provide your own. Keep in mind, that some masks may take longer than others. For example, my Pakari took about 7 days, while the Huna took about 10 or 14 days.

Currently, I am working on a Miru and a Kakama. If you request a mask, I will put those aside to work on yours.


In others, yes.

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Can I print the Huna and make a life-size mask?
Well, first, can you make it green?


Here's your green mask! If you want to adjust the colour, please let me know.


Here's the problem with printing the Huna, or any mask. The mask is only the outline of the front view of the mask, so it wouldn't really work well as life sized mask. It's pretty difficult to model it 3D, Check out the image below.

See, the mask has no real depth, and is cannot be worn as a mask. Eventually, I hope to make the mask 3D, but I can't do it right now due to my current abilities.

If you want to print it, go ahead, but it may not work as an actual mask. I'm thinking it might work as key chain though.

If you want to print it, what type of file do you want?

Sorry about the life size masked thing. :pensive:

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I mean, I we use man's best friend duck tape it could work

If you think I'm talking about 3D prining, I'm just talking about regular old printing on paper. I'm planning on gluing it to cardstock or something and making a strap to connect to one of those criminal beanie things (You know, the hood thing that has openings for the eyes and mouth). I'll put on sunglasses underneath.
Plus, I can probably resize the image in MS Paint or something.
Thanks, man! :blush:


Oh, sorry! Yes, I thought you were talking about 3D printing, but I'm glad you like.

Happy to help! :slight_smile:

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Cool, bud!

As of today, I will no longer be accepting mask requests. Anyone who is still waiting for a mask order will have their order completed, but no new requests for the future.

Just posting to let people know in case somebody wanders into this topic. Thanks

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Edited title for the new change -Some dude

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