2nd Annual TFM Awards!

Remembrance Day, we wear poppies to remember our fallen veterans


I see, We call it Veterans day over here.

(And it is today…)


Aw, thank you!
Are you referring to my standard avatar nowadays:

Or my current one?

Anyway, for my awards, I nominate:
Board clown: @EvilLobsterKing
Best piece of literature: @Scorpion_Strike
Dedication: @Scorpion_Strike . not for a MOC, but for his impressively long “folly of the toa” storyline.
Best Mod: @Chronicler , because he’s a fun dude.

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Yey I did it.

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Standard one, but I was able to vote in mine

Errr… sure, I’ll throw some submissions in here.

Dedication award: How many Teridax revamps has @Payinku gone through at this point? I’m not sure, but here’s the latest one I could find:

Villain Recreation: @Payinku’s Teridi again, or maybe @cat’s rendition of Roodaka:

Wut: err… This one made me laugh…

Coolest Avatar: Do you remember Junkbot? @Syobnaf remembers Junkbot. Junkbot is excellent.

Board Clown: See “Exx gon give it to ya” above.

Best Piece of Literature: @21sselliW’s “Those We Cannot Save” was very nice to read:

Oddest Active User: Do I count if I do this: :goo:?


Well crud I forgot to update it.

I’ll write moar because I have more to add. I might make a NaNoWriMo novel out of it.


I really should try writing more.


The sheer quality of that Zoidberg response alone should put you in contention for board clown :grin: .

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Hi! Remember me?

Pret lit. Added.

Well, um, it has to be artwork.[quote=“TFM101, post:1, topic:30053”]
Recreation of a Villian, for truly fantastic artstic masterpieces.

And, well, one fits (Roodaka), but the other (Teridax) is a MOC, not an artwork.

Literally Roodaka was posted like a month after the first awards. 0_0

Also: [quote=“TFM101, post:1, topic:30053”]
The limitation is that the art MUST be of a canon character with an official set(s), or artwork.

:cringe: It was a good one, too.[quote=“Scorpion_Strike, post:23, topic:30053”]
And of course there’s @king328’s progression of D&D Demon Lords:* http://board.ttvchannel.com/t/king328s-d-d-demon-princes-progression-part-one/29739* King328's Demon Lords Progression (part 2) * King328's Demon Lords Progression (part 3)

See above.[quote=“Scorpion_Strike, post:23, topic:30053”]
Wut: err… This one made me laugh…

All that I thought was, ‘I don get it.’

Yup, I’m agreein’ there, m8.[quote=“Scorpion_Strike, post:23, topic:30053”]
…this one got me to actually like some of the Uniters for a while…* G2 Toa refsheet

Eh… I don’t see the appeal in it.

Adorable? Yes.
‘wut’? Maybe…?

Holy cow, those stores were intense. That last one, though. That strummed my heart strings. It… it deserves the title of best. But, I cannot give that. The peeps here on the boards can. You, dear Scorp, are a master storyteller. :shia_lebouff_clap:

Ummmm… Yes? I’ll add you? The only reason I am unsure in that is is called “goo”. Otherwise, I woulda said no… so… yeah. Sure.

Any nominations that were made, have been added to the list.


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I’m… …flattered. Yeah. Flattered.


Best “wut” Moment: The entire redpins thing

Most Balanced RP Character: Kronax, by @Mrblackpants.

Best Mod: Jogn

Coolest Avatar: @Oniwah (I mean I like mine better, but he did the art for both, so I’m nominating him)

Board Clown: @HewkiiDaKohliiHead

Oddest Active User: @OculusNuva




Tru tho
I said no to tukaring, plot twist makutaing, deus ex artahkaing and trodaxing

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Simply random cookie moments.

But cookies are balanced

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It’s true.
Like, I was thinking about it, and other than the cookies (which weren’t really OP in any way) Kronax was exactly what he was supposed to be. A fire Toa.
cough unlikeEdgetere cough

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This Topic.


Wat, if I nominate anyone for this, I am, in essence, saying that they are more reasonable than I, and suggesting that my own nominations may be unreasonable?
Nah, I’m just overthinking things again.
I nominatar @Rac


Thissss Moc has really improved over time.

@Ranaki_Pakewa definitely.



Two nominations for wut? You flatter me, TTV community.


Oh, yeah… that.[quote=“21sselliW, post:39, topic:30053”]

Yet again.[quote=“21sselliW, post:39, topic:30053”]
I nominatar @Rac

lol[quote=“21sselliW, post:39, topic:30053”]

FIFY[quote=“21sselliW, post:39, topic:30053”]
Thissss Moc has really improved over time.

Wow… Th… that is beautiful.

Oh, yeah… him.

Nominations have been added.

Sorry for being late.

Voting for Dedication: http://www.strawpoll.me/11690623

Voting for Recreation of a Villain: http://www.strawpoll.me/11690649

Voting for “wut”: http://www.strawpoll.me/11690696

Voting for Most Reasonable Not-Mod: http://www.strawpoll.me/11690718

Voting for Most Balanced Roleplay Character: http://www.strawpoll.me/11690731

Voting for Best Mod: http://www.strawpoll.me/11690750

Voting for Coolest Avatar: http://www.strawpoll.me/11690793

Voting for Board Clown: http://www.strawpoll.me/11690779

Voting for Best Piece of Literature: THERE IS NO VOTING.

Voting for Oddest Active User: http://www.strawpoll.me/11690805

@squeaverking[quote=“TFM101, post:41, topic:30053”]
Sorry for being late.

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