2nd Annual TFM Awards!

Hi! I am sorta back from InactiveLand… So… yay? Any whosles, yes. That time of year has come again. This month(s) of October (mainly November) will be dedicated to the TFM Awards!

There will, unfortunately, be no new user-submitted awards being created. Sorry. :sad:

However, we have quite the line-up to go through.

Our first award: Dedication, for working on a MOC for a long time. Whether it was a long initial build, or a bunch of seperate versions leading up to a good MOC, they are in this category. This is one of 2 categories that were anarchial in the 1st Awards.

Recreation of a Villian, for truly fantastic artstic masterpieces. The limitation is that the art MUST be of a canon character with an official set(s), or artwork. This was the other award that I gave, not voters.

“wut.”, for ANYthing that makes you pause and think. Whether a philisophical razor, or a horrible MOC, it’s up to you.

Most Reasonable Not-Mod, for that one user, whether active or not, who is always logical in arguments, calm is stressful situations, and so on. In other words, who do you want to be a mod. This award CANNOT be given to a TTV Cast Member, Crew Member, or a TTV Boards Moderator.

Most Balanced Roleplay Character, for the character you can rely on, yet has an equally subtancial weakness. Not a Mary Sue, not Zelda or Olimar from Sm4sh, but the inbetween.

Best Mod. It is self explanitory. Who is the best mod, in your opinion?

Coolest Avatar, for the user who has the coolest looking, eye-catching, or most out-of-place avatar. For those unaware, the avatar is the picture that appears by all of that user’s post.

Board Clown, which is, quote, “to be given to the user who posts the most humerous soundless motion picture, best interplay or personality, or et cetera.” Basically, who makes you laugh the most.

Now, for awards I feel should be in here:

Best Piece of Literature, self explanitory.

Oddest Active User, for the most peculiar user, who posts regularly, that makes you stop, and think.

Now, for Nominating!: Nominations are to be in by November 16th, 11:59 PM MST. Any nominations later than that are void, and invalid. On November 17th, I will go through the ENTIRE topic, and pick out who or what was nominated where. I promise that I will be as unbiased as possible, but the more irrational, or absurd, nominations will be left out.

Voting begins as soon as I post the voting post and/or links. Voting will end December 2st, 7:00 PM MST.

Agreement Policy or Whatever: Please be honorable. By nominating, you allow you nomination the possibility of being rejected by TFM Awards Co. (the Host), and the Public. As well, by voting, you allow your opinion to be placed in public view, and allow yourself to be opposed by the Public.


Dedication: RaptorTalon: Vengeful Vanguard V13, Makuta Teridax (Titan), [Jemoph V10] (Jemoph v10: Beastly Bruiser)

Recreation of a Villian: The Bohrok Swarm, Roodaka

“wut”: Likely a void, Aimless, [Singular Words Written on Pictures of Bread] (Singular Words Written on Pictures of Bread!)

EDIT: 11/19/2016


Voting for Dedication: http://www.strawpoll.me/11690623

Voting for Recreation of a Villain: http://www.strawpoll.me/11690649

Voting for “wut”: http://www.strawpoll.me/11690696

Voting for Most Reasonable Not-Mod: http://www.strawpoll.me/11690718

Voting for Most Balanced Roleplay Character: http://www.strawpoll.me/11690731

Voting for Best Mod: http://www.strawpoll.me/11690750

Voting for Coolest Avatar: http://www.strawpoll.me/11690793

Voting for Board Clown: http://www.strawpoll.me/11690779

Voting for Best Piece of Literature: THERE IS NO VOTING.

Voting for Oddest Active User: http://www.strawpoll.me/11690805


wut: Does “Likely a void” still count?

Best Mod: Cronk

Coolest Avatar: Zero

Board Clown: RaptorTalon, For the sole reason of the “Well Little Johnny” topic.


Yes, it does.

And no one is posting.

Seems like the story of my life. ;-;


Dedication: N/A

Recreation of a Villian: N/A

“wut”: Likely a void,

Most Reasonable Not-Mod: N/A

Most Balanced Roleplay Character: N/A

Best Mod: @Chronicler

Coolest Avatar: @Zero

Board Clown: @RaptorTalon

Best Piece of Literature: N/A

Oddest Active User: N/A

The above is not accurate, please refer to main post.

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Recreation of a Villain?

SHOUTOUT TO @cat for them Bohrok. or anything really.

Coolest avatar?



Ayyyyy I finally won something :point_left::point_left:

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Always fun when the tongue comic is brought up again.


Okay, guys. I get that I am inactive, but does that honestly mean ignore anything and/or everything somewhat related to me?

Is this perhaps another reason to stay off the boards?

Anywhosles, every time I go on these wonderful boards, I see more and more a social hierarchy. I get it is a natural instinct, but honestly? This is a tad ridiculous. All that has happened is one year. One. Year. One year between the 2nd Annual TFM Awards, and the 1st. What is the difference? Publicity or Marketing? I’d get kicked for that, as I’m not a Master. Supposed ‘Social Standing’? Plausible. Some unknown new rule that says, quote, “FOREVER IGNORE THE USER @TFM101.”? I want to know… why am I being ignored, when I am almost been on these boards for 2 years now? If anything, I should be more recognized… not less.


:exhale: There are only 5 days until nominations are closed.


November 16th, guys. That’s the final day to nominate.

So because nobody is participating in this contest, we’re all terrible people who only interact in topics that we know will make us popular. Seriously? Maybe it’s from a general lack of interest in the community for stuff like this nowadays or that it was opened when users start to really focus on school and drop off of the boards.

Honestly, if you really think that the only reason people aren’t posting on your topic is because you’re TFM101, then you’re dead wrong.


Best Mod @Waj (Because Cronk never commented on the picture i drew of him ;-; )
Coolest Avatar: (Can i Vote myself?) If not @king328
Board Clown @EvilLobsterKing


Well, yeah.

What else is new… :sad: :totally_doesn’t_have_self_depreciation_problems:

@Winterstorm345, thank you for contibuting! It really brightens my actually-quite-dreary day up here in Canada. =)

Well… Yes? I think it happened in the 1st. Let me check.

EDIT!: Yes, @Winterstorm345, you can nominate yourself. Paradox did it and won, in the same category you are nominating yourself for.


I mean…

Could I nominate myself for dedication? I know it may be rather petty…

But Raptor V13 was two years in the making. from V1 to now.

Most Balanced Roleplay character…@EvilLobsterKing @Bigthwomp @squeaverking @Meself @Winterstorm345

Oddest Active User: @Hawkflight

Most Reasonable Not-mod… @Tarvaax or @Triple


Wow. That’s funny. I made the Dedication Award with RaptorTalon the MOC in mind. So… link, please?

So… which one?

Pick one. flip a coin…something.

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Thank you for the nominations!

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I wholeheartedly agree with Raptor’s nominees.


Not up, I’m Canadian too, your avatar’s symbolism isn’t lost on me

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It is on me (I be a silly merican) What is it?


Remembrance Day, we wear poppies to remember our fallen veterans


I see, We call it Veterans day over here.

(And it is today…)


Aw, thank you!
Are you referring to my standard avatar nowadays:

Or my current one?

Anyway, for my awards, I nominate:
Board clown: @EvilLobsterKing
Best piece of literature: @Scorpion_Strike
Dedication: @Scorpion_Strike . not for a MOC, but for his impressively long “folly of the toa” storyline.
Best Mod: @Chronicler , because he’s a fun dude.

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