2x4 Mini Displays (Series in Progress)

This will be a series of small, nature type scenes, all built on 2x4 bricks. enjoy.

Here is my first display: “Slice of Paradise”.

If you can’t tell, it’s a mini poinsettia tree, (picture bellow), a stock of something, (probably sugar cane), and a large river plant of some sort. also, the white is supposed to be a cloud in the sky.

An actual poinsetttia:
Here is my next display: "Due North:

It’s supposed to be some snowy, mountainous arctic terrain with a waterfall. It is not based on any particular real world place.
More are on the way very
soon, and please tell me what you think I should do next!


This is a pretty interesting concept. :smile:

lookin alright

Any suggestions, though?

Cool concept! You should make displays of the landscapes of the regions of Okoto.

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I’ll think about it.

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