3-16/ Cainam-16 (Self MOC)

Hello, i am The316, and this is my self moc. I found Bionicle in 2005 but didn’t get engrossed in it til 06. I wanted to create a self moc because i was inspired by youtubers such as shadowgear6335 and kylernuva135, their mocs were so cool and i wanted to make something really awesome like that. Taking my time with it, i was able to use a variety of different parts that weren’t available all those years ago, and have finally decided that im happy with it.
(These pictures aren’t in the order i wanted them to be in, but its not a big deal)

Weapons can be stored on back
Him Holding his Gun
Gun at his side
How his weapons are stored
Toa Lewa Phantoka’s sword broke, so technically its an illegal build
Size comparison with witch doctor
Side view of sword
Him holding his sword
Cool Pose
Standing on only 1 leg
Leg side view
Arm is simplistic because it looks better than the other designs i had
Sittin on my games
Chest view
God Bless America
Without the chain pies the torso pieces wouldn’t stay in place
I see you!
Upper leg construction
Waist uses a Hordika neck piece which allows extra movement left to right
Never-mind here is the back

I always wanted to write a story and turn it into the stop motion, but i never had the time nor resources, so while this inst completely fleshed out its a good snippet. (Sorry for some of the unconnected lines, and sloppiness of some parts but i wrote it in pen)

Thanks for taking some time to look at my moc, lemme know what y’all think.


I’m not sure whether I like the motu proportions or not, but either way it’s a good start, but there are some awkward parts to the build, I’ll work my way up,
the piraka feet don’t fit the aesthetic at all imo, mistika tahu’s would look much better,
the color blocking needs work, I would add silver to the waist and lower arms,
Random technic beams jutting out of his knees look bad,
Upper legs are pretty solid,
Lower arms look gappy and awkward, I’d argue you just use ccbs shells in silver/metru red with silver add-ons of some variety,
Upper arms are exposed and underwhelming, and the shoulders feel a bit low,
Torso is shaped like a dorito, and has random white, also, I can see the inika torso you used as a base, which is responsible for pretty much everything wrong with the torso, technic and ball joints my friend, technic and ball joints.

Oh, and the sharpie heresy you’ve committed is, while competently done, a crime against mata nui.

Much bulky.

I like him, even if the arms are a bit long. I like his weapons as well.

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Those weapons… enough said