3 Little Mixels

So, this little guy has been around for a while, and it was time I posted the pictures about him and his friends. He is a barrel of alcohol as anyone can tell and a very cheerful one too. He just loves to share a drink with others.

The other Mixel MOC, an eager digger and always ready to work.

And the last one for now, this fella is Ice Planet based and will have a buddy soon, but for that I still need some pieces.

The trio

The Big Mix


These are adorable.

These guys are great.

Totally not a distant relative of this guy

Burlzz is my favorite. Making a beer barrel a Mixel is such an odd yet equally charming concept.

Gotta go fast?

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As a Mixels fan, I can definitely say that you did a nice job!

######not sure if the first one is kid friendly enough though…

I assume burlzz always has a barrel of laughs when trying to do a barrel roll? Bad jokes out of the way these mocs look awesome!

Very distant :stuck_out_tongue:
Then again I also made my revamp version too so I guess it’s sort of a full circle?


where can I order burlz

I’m sure you could easily replicate it

Of corse he is. It’s just soda /s

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