30 Minute Missions

charlie rose from maskposting found these beauties, what do you think about them ?


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These definitely seem pretty good for beginners to customizing but maybe I’ll pick up one and a couple of armors.

I have seen these, but I haven’t paid much interest.

Hmm, they seem cool. Any idea how big they are?

I’d say between 5 and 6 inches.
Basically a High Grade.

They seem like kinda a simple gateway line to get into Gunpla and simple customizations.


If I ever get into Gunpla, this is it.

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Well with this line building customizing them is made to be easy. If anything I’d call this line the duplo or juniors of Gunpla.

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I’ll take it. I barely have time to do my other model kit stuff so easy gunpla is better.

That’s exactly what these exist for; new builders or just not having an hour to build a real Gunpla. The base figures are only 4 runners and the armor sets don’t seem to have much building from the pictured.

Honestly I’m behind myself; I still have to paint a couple of legs and build a custom rifle for one custom and the Limbs of another that I’ll likely be adding and modifying the shaping.


4 runners?

I mean, i have enough free time where i could build a real or possibly a master grade in one sitting.
I’d only get these for the prospect of easy customs.

these are dope

I have to say these are pretty good little models.

And funnily enough they actually have better articulation then some more expensive gunpla kits

I have to say one surprise was the seperate leg connectors really only used in MG gunpla.


Yeah, the articulation looks really nice for something that cheap and small.

They have polycaps, right?

Only the ball parts but yes

And your not limited to just their parts

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With time I completely forgot the existence of these gunpla, they look as dope as before ^^ could you do a size comparison ? with a famous set like good guy XD

I don’t have and I’m too lazy to build but hers one with HG Barbados and Byarlant

I do have a bohrok though

bohrok is nice, thanks !

I really and mean really like the designs but I’ve just never been able to find them.