3D Dreamworks Films

I already made a topic regarding Disney, and there is a topic dedicated to 2D DreamWorks films, so I decided to create one for their beloved (or not beloved) 3D films. In my opinion, these films hold a lot of the same charm that can be seen within Disney films, though unlike Disney the characters and stories presented throw in more twists and turns, establishing a formula of its own. However not only do the characters and plots stand out, but the visuals used can be very breath taking at times, such as the very oriental look of Kung Fu Panda and the flight scenes in How to Train your Dragon, which make it feel like you are actually riding a dragon. On the whole I find the 3D films made by DreamWorks to be some intriguing content and most of the films really do stand on their own quite well.

So, what are your opinions on the 3D DreamWorks films?


One of them is Shrek.

That makes them amazing.


Shrek is amazing

I also like over the hedge

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Kung Fu Panda never really grabbed me. I liked How To Drain Your Dragon, though the 2nd one left me a bit underwhelmed.

Over The Hedge, now there's a nostalgic gem from my childhood.


All of what Legomaster said.


I like one or two of them, but in general, I find them immature and annoying.

Plural used .

For me, a Disney Fanboy, Dreamworks has always been a film company that I've hated. The stories and characters were always bland, the character models (Besides some of the Over the Hedge designs) look really, really off or disgusting, and the whole company was made to spite Disney. I understand why people like the films, but I have no nostalgia to help me see the films in a positive light.


The first two Shrek movies were excellent parodies on fairy tales and my favorite DreamWorks movies.

Kung Fu Panda was hilarious and I'm pretty sure LEGO ripped it off for Ninjago.

Monsters vs Aliens was a very enjoyable watch.

Then there are movies like Shark Tale and Over the Hedge which I have forgotten already due to how clichéd they are. Sorry, maybe it was my age at the time but I didn't like Over the Hedge very much.

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How to train your dragon is probably one of my favorite movies.