3D parts question

Hey does anyone know where to find free 3D printable bionicle part models?

(Also am I allowed to do this and if so, is this the right category?)

Shapeways is where a majority of 3D-printed parts are. Such as the MoUP, Voriki, G2 Mask of Time, Bionicle Heroes Mask of Life, just to name a few. You do have to pay some money, but it’s worth it.

and yes, they work on normal Bionicle parts.

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well +15€ for a single piece is not worth it, at all, unless you are rich and have money to waste not really waste if you really like it

@Toa_Distraxx well really I’m just looking for the models due to having possible acces to a cheap 3D printer, unfortunately they’re really hard to find, all I need at this pint are a y axel, rahkshi head and Bohrok eye model.

@Asriel Eeeesssshhh! I don’t have that kinda money to spend!

@Toa_Distraxx dang it, so no way to get free models then? Well that stinks seeing as how there’s the 3D printer I could get access to

@Sammythekat Eggghhh. didnt even think of the shipping till now, hate the shipping.

@BrokenAxels Got the links to any?

@BrokenAxels Thanks! I’ll check it out!

Well, then you can order those parts on Bricklink. If you need a color that doesn’t exist, then you can paint it. (Bricklink costs money as well, although it is much cheaper than Shapeways. You do as well have to meet a minimum buy, so I would reccomend trying to find a minimum buy of $5 or less.)

not true.

a decent amount of stores have no minimum buy.

either way, the shipping’s gonna be an absolute pain.

Well there is some sites that dont cost

Only one i know

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