3D Print: MoL Avohkii

Shapeways was offering free money to anyone who wanted to try printing their own models, so I made the Avohkii as depicted in Mask of Light and they arrived today smiley

The Avohkii does not have a connector for the head but I did use a piece fo clay to see how the avohkii would fit

I ordered :
1 Frosted Detail Acrylic and 3 White Strong Flexible Plastics.

In the image, the last two were WSF that I painted with Citadel Paint Auric Armour Gold for the first and Krylon Metallic Gold Spray for the second.

If I were to print them again, I would go with Frosted Detail though it's more expensive, it's much more smoother than White Strong Flexible.


Woah, zetta rad.
I'm pretty jelly. Can it connect to Bionicle head pieces?


No, I didn't model the thing in the back that lets you do that. that's adding another obstacle in scaling that I didn't want to tackle stuck_out_tongue


Oh... WOW. Did you design those yourself?


The power of 3D print.....

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I would buy these if they were mass produced...


Amazing! They look exactly as they do in the movie! Great job Crunchbite!

I want to buy one off of Shapeways!

they don't have the connectors makes poor excuse about this is the version that wasn't meant to be worn

Oh my these are massively impressive. I want one... ~Pyrox

People keep asking if it can connect to the head, nope, it doesn't have a connector, but I did connect it with a piece of clay to see how it fits.


This looks absolutely fantastic. Seriously, it does. I want to model a Calix now...


Are you going to do a Krakahan (I'm pretty sure that I spelled it wrong) movie version too? Because that would just be awesome.

That's a very high possibility, but probably won't be done in a long time- cause school


I would totally buy one of these! Are you planning on selling them?

No, I don't plan on selling them cause copyright scare (something I've suffered from way before the TTV video) Not adverse to giveaways in the future.

Could you post a download link for the model? That way people could make their own.


That would defeat the purpose of me not selling them because the danger of that is that other people can make money off of printing and selling my model.


Would there be any way to stop people from selling it?